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Texas BBQ sauce video

Mrs. Hawks Texas BBQ sauce cooking video

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Video Transcription

hello boys and girls today I am makingTexas barbecue sauce because we are onour trip to Texas some of the thingsyou’re gonna need this is garlic I’veminced it up which means to cut it intoteeny tiny little pieces onions I cut upan onion this is apple cider vinegartomato paste spicy brown mustard a lemona little bit of cayenne pepper for somekick which means like a little bit ofspice also we’re gonna need butter thenI will cook the onions and the garlicand then I’ll put all of the otheringredients together in my frying pan Iwill cook it all together and then I’llput it in a jar and put it in therefrigerator until I’m ready to put iton to my barbecue ribs for on MemorialDay home boys and girls so I am heatingone tablespoon of butter over mediumhigh heat with my onions so I’m gonnalet it cook for about two to threeminutes then I will add my garlic andheat for about another minute and then Iwill show you me adding all the rest ofthe ingredients all right next up so wehave the onions and garlic cooked so I’mgoing to add a cup of ketchupokay I am going to add two tablespoonsof apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoonsof tomato paste tomato paste now I’mgoing to add I’m going to squeeze mylemon oopsbut I got some seeds in there so it’s ahalf a lemon but I’m gonna scoop out myseeds because I don’t want seeds inthere so tip take out the seeds beforeyou squeeze the lemon

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