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Today I made a BBQ hot sauce taco for dinner it was awesome.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]well mom’s here you’re driving by byshorts home today hi Mia for a shorttimeokay when I drink all three o’clock atthat my tacosI ask you for something out oh yeah it’s347 I guess I’m thinking who knows oncethe mail trucks here for the mail truckYeah right now who’s the Tomb Raider andI just died right now in the game youknow I’m getting par in it yeah this isactual ice case though it’s holographicshiny and that’s for a question in 2003okay so mom’s only here for a coupleseconds so just some neat fresh out ofthe boxhot sauce red-hot brand fresh out of thebox CB the Rays we got the dark powdertalk sell zeitelsin the hollow box right here and then wegot the taco meat damn right so firstI’m gonna do is um I justhe gently take out a taco salad andthree o’clock 303 in the afternoon wellthe markets office looks sooo laid outof that to wait for dinner so one to onefor tacos I phone the window let’s downone two here for tacos this is gonna belike definitelynow what am I gonna do first put righthere but I want to fallyeah right here see just talking righthere and does oh yes I’m a rebel for meknow you know guys I’m supposed to goback to school in September but it’s notguarantee but I felt I know until thegovernor says so sorry I had to take itI see by this I’m sorryyou know I cook tacos before my schoolso my school like Oh taco sometimes lovethe Wild Oats knife like for tacosanyway so that’s good Oh tacosbox plays I want it badthis time try challenged eyes for heatI’m gonna say fall out cuz Falls my fairgame fall 30 timesall right here though fall fall fallfall fall Oh father father father Saulup fallout Fallout fallout Falloutfallout Fallout fallout Fallout falloutPhillips Phillips Phillips fog fog fogfog thoughts certain works art Falloutfallout Fallout fallout salt faults fontleave me let me know in the song so thatwas 20 timeswhy showwoke my frothy I know who’s on the stoveso I got for a way to get though thesedid the stripper container manhi guys the bark sauceStewart careful gently put in there youknow look you guys you put bark sauce ontop oh and then put hot sauce on aboveit and regard powered I’ll be Linhyou’re not anyone else last put onoverdrive powder gently put in don’t puta lot as usual cause cause diabetesthousand actionsall right now in this last next I meanthis comes so as really no guys thisstuff comes out fast so you don’t wantto pour it too muchgar 3:13 p.m. we battlefield for 10minutes and 20 seconds now one a littlemuchalright so we got that waltz up on yougotta wash your handsyou know what hand uh I’m back guysbridgesall right you don’t want to sour creamfool an extra sample of this one herebut not strong powderlet’s see well shit you know sighs Iwonder if I should put honey on my meatI don’t want you to I don’t know if Ishould do thatwhere’s anyways Oh guys so I do thison this onion so oh yeah so data so it’sallis how we do with Taco Bell styleone more bite before take the taco meatyou’ll have to shape with one more thingin here just for the audience one morething on my tacos getting salt so we’regood we’re trying to learn where to wewe don’t got much use on this though solook aroundknow whatpepper go in the trashoh my god I think I pick one that’s ashI’m go walking Bradoh wow peppers right there why I do thatman all right last scene wall pepperteam going in thereyeah shitShhall right my time goes on five minutesshould be ready in the cold minutesanyway so call a second Trombleyso now ready much to heat up the foodthat burns off is rising I see that thebarbecue sauce we’re back in a momentoh my God look at that Alex neat andthat looks beautiful actuallyI don’t put the hair down you seenyourself eat for a minuteall right more than truth kind of seethis tastes goodthat’s a long time when I’m away that’sa big one the barbecue sauce hot sauceonion salt salt pepperSofia tacowell uh personal lifeit’s a hot glass of barbecue togetherwhat’s normal life oh the hot sauce hasa sweet taste will – with the bar goshmixed togetheryou know son it’s just like Epic MealTime definitely wake up at Meal Timemodern yet OhWowwattles goodI’m a goodguys paw on a beer back actually sospicy good oh they’re backholy crap that was spicythat was awesome – oh god I need thatspicy like barbeque sauce and hot sauceall doubled up together yeah yeah realspicy one[Music]

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