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#urviewsmatters: How To Make Homemade Barbecue Sauce
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🛑5 ingredients 🛑
2 cups of tomato ketchup
2 cups of broth
1/8 of a cup Cajun seasoning
1/8 of a cup ginger
1 head of garlic

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Video Transcription

into the ingredients we have our brothfrom the previous recipe I am going touse ginger garlic my Cajun seasoning andsome tomato ketchup as you go along Iwould give you the measurements so to mypart I’m adding 2 cups of my broth as Isaid that recipe is was previously shownI am using 1/8 of a cup of my Cajunseasoning and 2 cups of tomato ketchupif you want it to be a little moresweeter you can add some brown sugarawesome agave or honey so I’m going toadd also 1/8 of a cup of freshly gratedginger mix everything and then I’m goingto add all of my garlic I am NOT goingto mince this garlic I’m going to leavethem whole you can mince yo garlic ifyou so desire add the garlic into thesauce and I’m going to bring it to aboil and once it has come to a boil I’mgoing to lower the fire and let that sitin there boiling for a good 10 to 15minutes and at this point I wassatisfied it was just over 12 minutes Ileft this boiling for before we continue[Music]you[Music]so now my source has the recipe for howI’m going to use this this barbecuesauce would be in the next upcomingvideo as you previously saw we meet aCajun seasoning when we made a grilledchicken with this and so look out forthis barbecue sauce and I’m also goingto make some occasion fries thanks forwatching

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