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Vegan BBQ Chicken Sub

Join Adam at the grill as he cooks up a delicious Vegan smokey BBQ chicken sub. Outdoor cooking at its finest.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hi there Adam foodie blog of grill hereand today we’re going to be makingchicken barbecue chicken sourdoughbaguettes with red cabbage and redonions slaw and we’re going to be usingfries chicken style strips for this wasour first time using them we’ve no ideawhat they’re like so we’re just going totry them out and just see if they’re anygood so what I’m gonna do let’s just getthis is just an old um trayand I don’t mind putting in the grillnow I’m gonna brush on my homemade veganbarbecue sauce there’s another videothat I made for that the link for whichwe’ll put in the description and I’mjust gonna go brush and just brush allover thesesmell please make sure you cover all ofthem simple as that we’re now gonna putthese in the grill preheated this highheat on this side this side note– inthe middle I’ve got the protein chips inthere again there’s a separate video forthat which again we’ll put in the linkon the description we’re just going toleave that to cook for a little whileand come back to it – it looks like in aminute so we’re gonna use these twospecially selected sourdough forgetstuff and powie- um they’re peaking friendlythese so good right and I’ve got a topshelf so I’m just gonna pop themliterally up here this will continuecooking just good doesn’t it and smellthat come take a look at this come comecome oh yeahwho says you need me to have barbecuelook at this god I could just smell thesmoky flavor coming off that right now[Music]hmm that’s so goodlovely smoky texture and flavor the slawjust complements it really well like Isaid who needs me for a barbecuewhy not try this yourself guys thank youfor watching we hope you really enjoyedthe video we’re hoping to make this moreof a regular feature so if you enjoyedit please smash the hell out of the likebutton and don’t forget to subscribe aswell and it’s raining at the moment nowe finished just in timetypical British weather right never mindyeah until next time see ya

5 Replies to “Vegan BBQ Chicken Sub

  1. I’ve always wanted to try kangaroo! Love the leanness and it looks so juicy and yummy!! Nice job!

  2. I love your BBQ sauce saved that recipe. I have never had Kangaroo. Don’t even know where to look to get it. Looks very tender.

  3. I did not have this meat before but you made it so perfectly in your video. Its juice its tender, wow

  4. That is awesome Mike Mammal. Where do you even get Kangaroo meat in North America? Looks tasty… much better than I might have expected.

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