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Veggie BBQ Sauce Tofu Puffs 素烧烤酱豆腐泡 (ENG+CHI CC)

Veggie Gourmet 素之味,简易而美味!我的幸福素滋味的小小厨艺系列。希望能够鼓励更多的人吃素,因为素食也能很美味又健康…


My gourmet cuisine series Veggie Gourmet is simple and delicious! I hope to encourage more people to be vegetarian, because vegetarian food can also be delicious and healthy…

Today I am sharing with you a Veggie BBQ Sauce Tofu Puffs. This gourmet food is very simple but also delicious! My family, both adults and children, like it because it has the basil leaves and vegetarian BBQ sauce, it tastes very nice and has a great texture…

My cooking steps are very simple, so you might as well try. If you enjoy my food videos, remember to like👍 and subscribe, thank you!

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