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Yummy BBQ Sauce sausages perfect for breakfast

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This recipe is perfect if you are in a hurry or just want breakfast.


1. 2 or more sausages
2. 1 or more tbsp of oil ( I added too much oil so don’t do what I did )
3. 3 tbsp of BBQ sauce and if you want add in another extra 1/2 tbsp after done cooking.
4. Rice ( doesn’t necessarily need rice it’s just a good side dish i really recommend )

Steps :

1. Chop up your sausages

2. In a hot pan with low heat add in the oil and wait until hot

3. Add in the sausages and fry until half cooked

4. Turn off flame and let the sausages cool first

5. And turn back on at low flame

6. Once on add in the BBQ sauce and mix until cooked.

7. Serve with rice or eat plain Enjoy 😊

Original of the video here

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