BBQ Turkey Recipes

Boneless Turkey Breast on the ZGrill Pellet Cooker

It’s almost Thanksgiving! We love turkey breast the most, so in this video we smoke two boneless turkey breasts on our ZGrill pellet cooker. We use three different rubs, make a super easy finishing glaze, and also throw in a little wrinkle that might be a little “out of the box” that you won’t want to miss! The rubs and tools we use in the video can be found on our website. Use code YOUTUBE to get 10% off! Thanks for watching our video. If you really enjoyed it, Like it, comment your suggestions, share with your friends, and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button, Thanks!
Here is a list of what we used in the video:

Disposable cutting boards:
Cotton Gloves:
Nitrile Gloves:
Plowboys Yardbird BBQ Rub:
Heath Riles Sweet BBQ Rub:
Heath Riles Honey Rub:
Inkbird Instant Read Thermometer:

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Original of the video here

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BBQ Turkey Recipes

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