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Cajun Turkey Club

Cajun Turkey Club – Smoked Turkey Breast with Spicy Brown Sugar Bacon and Creole Mayo

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Cajun Turkey Club

When I think of a club sandwich, I think of layers of meat – triple stacked on good, toasted bread with a great sauce to tie it all together. Of course, you you have to have a little vegetables in there (lettuce and tomato do the trick); but it’s really all about the meat.

For this sandwich I’m smoking a boneless turkey breast and some spicy brown sugar bacon plus I kick up some mayo to create what I call the Cajun Turkey Club.

First you’ll need a turkey breast. I bought a Butterball boneless turkey breast roast from the grocery store. These are typically sold frozen and the breast is surrounded by netting to hold its shape while cooking. Let it slow thaw in the refrigerator for a couple days before you plan to smoke it.

To get the Cajun flavor going I first made a butter injection using chicken broth, melted butter, hot sauce, and my King Craw Cajun seasoning – Combine these ingredients and shoot it into the breast. Spray the outside with cooking spray and season with a good dose of the King Craw (or your favorite Cajun seasoning).

To cook the breast I fired up my Memphis Wood Fire Grill running on a blend of Hickory, Maple, and Cherry pellets for smoke flavor. You can use any grill or combination of wood for cooking this recipe just keep your cooking temperature at 325 degrees.

Place the turkey breast on the pit and let it roll until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. I placed my Thermoworks DOT internal thermometer into the breast to keep an eye on the internal temperature as it cooked.

For the bacon element of this sandwich I created a spicy brown sugar seasoning to coat the outside of each slice of bacon. Take 1 cup of light brown sugar and mix with 1 tablespoon of King Craw – Coat the outside of each piece of bacon with the sugar mixture.

To cook the bacon I first sprayed a couple of my Chicken Racks with PAM vegetable cooking spray. Then I placed each piece of bacon on the rack and into the Memphis Pellet Grill along side the turkey breast. After 7 minutes I flipped each piece for even cooking and in 15 minutes it’s done. The sugar caramelizes giving the bacon a beautiful color on the outside and it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. (Really this bacon would be good on anything!)

I also whipped up a Cajun Mayo to slather on the bread. I combined 1 cup of Blue Plate mayo with a little Dijon mustard, horseradish, hot sauce, and King Craw – To give it a little texture I finely chopped some of my Sweet Fire Pickles and stirred it all together. Taste for seasoning and add just a pinch of salt and black pepper and you have a tasty Cajun Mayo.

When the turkey is done let it rest on the counter for 15 minutes then slice. Toast up some bread and get ready to build the sandwich. You’ll need 6 slices of toast for 2 club sandwiches.

Slather Cajun Mayo on one side of a piece of toast. Layer on a couple slices of the turkey followed by lettuce and a couple thin slices of tomato. Add 2 strips of spicy brown sugar bacon and another slice of toast (slather that with Cajun Mayo too).

Repeat this process one more time because it has to be a Triple-Decker! Top it all off with a couple skewered dill pickles and slice in half to serve.

This is an easy recipe – and with all the Turkey Breasts in the grocery stores right now, you don’t have any excuse not to give it a try. Or you can use your leftover Thanksgiving Turkey, make some spicy candy bacon and creole mayo and get down on a leftover Cajun Turkey Club.

Cajun Turkey Club Recipe
– 1 3lbs Turkey Breast
– 1 stick Butter (melted)
– 8oz Chicken Broth
– 1 Tablespoon Killer Hogs Hot Sauce
– 1/4 cup Malcom’s King Craw Seasoning
– 8 Pieces – Thick Sliced Bacon
– 1 cup Brown Sugar
– 1 head Green Leaf Lettuce
– 1 Tomato (sliced)
– 6 slices Toasted Bread
– 1/2 cup Cajun Mayo* recipe below

Cajun Mayo Recipe
– 1 cup Mayo
– 1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
– 1 Tablespoon Killer Hogs Sweet Fire Pickles (chopped)
– 1 tablespoon Horseradish
– 1/2 tsp Malcom’s King Craw Seasoning
– 1 tsp Killer Hogs Hot Sauce
– Pinch of Salt & Black Pepper to taste

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Video Transcription

hey welcome back to how to barbecueright I’m Malcolm Reed it’s that time ofyear we start seeing all those turkeysin the grocery store so I thought Iwould take advantage of that this week Ibought a boneless turkey breast roastwe’re gonna get some Cajun flavors on itget it in some smoke also gonna makesome spicy candy bacon and we’re gonnabuild a Cajun turkey club sandwich it’sgonna be outstanding let’s get tocooking so the turkey I’m using today isa boneless turkey breast roast I foundat my local grocery store it comesfrozen the only thing you have to do toit put it in a refrigerator and let itthaw a couple days bust it out of thepackage there’s gonna be a lot of juicea lot of moisture if you want to getover the sink to do this and then dry itoff with a little paper towel now youcan see it’s jet netted up that’s gonnahold this turkey breast together andwhat they’ve done they’ve just taken twosmaller turkey breasts put them togetherand jet edit it all in one piece so itmakes this nice little roast and it’sgonna be perfect for slicing once we getit smoked so the first thing we’re goingto do to this turkey breast is get someflavor on the inside you could use astore-bought injection but I found iteasy just to make up one your own Iwanted to go with some Cajun flavors soI melted a stick of butter added somechicken broth to it put in some hotsauce and a little bit of my keen KrallCajun seasoning mix it all together andthat’s what I’m gonna shoot inside itI’ve just got one of these cheapinjectors we’re gonna draw some of thatinjection up and then we’re just gonnastart spreading it out inside thisturkey I’m gonna go a little move yourspot and since this jet that’s on itmakes it really easy to see where you’regonna stick it and just kind of space itout you want to get about a cup ofinjection in it we’re getting all thoseflavors down inside this turkey breastsome of it may run out that’s okay butit’s taking it really well now I’m justgoing to move the turkey breast over toanother platter and we’re just going tokind of lightly dry the outside a littlebit just Pat it in the paper towelbecause we want the outside fairly drywe’re gonna put some oil some fat somecooking spray on the outside to make ourseasoning stick and that’s gonna help itget some really good color when we getit on the smoke and I’m just hitting theoutside with the little cooking spraywe’ll flip it over to the bottom side aswell now it’s time for some Cajunflavored I’m using my keen crossseasoning you could use whatever kind ofCajun rub or seasoning that you like youwant a good dose of it that looks goodfor thebottom side and now let’s flip it overwe’re gonna hit this top side make sureyou get the edges so give it some spiceit’s gonna give it some savoriness youknow it’s gonna be good now I’m justgonna let the turkey breast hang out onthe cutting board come up to roomtemperature and I’m gonna fire up thegrill now for this cook I’m fired up myMemphis wood fire grill I’ve got somehickory maple and cherry pellets goingin the hopper to give us some good smokewe’re gonna set the temp at 325 and assoon as the grill comes up totemperature we’re gonna be ready to cookthat turkey breast and as always you cancook on any kind of pit for this recipejust keep those tips steady at 325 andput some smoke to it the grill is up totemp that means it’s time to cook solet’s get this turkey breast on the pitjust gonna carefully transfer it overhere to one side of the cooking grate wedon’t really have anything we have to doto it now just get the lid closed letthis grill work its magic and we’llstart worrying about those internaltemperatures hearing about 30 minutes orsoall right the turkey breast has been onfor about 30 minutes that’s when I wantto start watching the internaltemperature so I’m just got my thermalworks dot with a probe we’re gonna goright in thick part of that breast we’resitting at about 180 it’s right where Iexpected it to be we’re gonna watch thatinternal temperature I’m gonna show youhow we’re gonna make that spicy candybacon so why are a turkey smoking we’regonna go ahead and work on the bacon andI took a cup of brown sugar mixed itwith a tablespoon of the Cajun keencrawl that’s what we’re gonna coat theoutside of these thick-cut bacon pieceswith I’m just gonna do it by hand I’mnot measuring anything I just want toget brown sugar all over this bacon youcan do as many pieces of this as youlike it’s great just as a snack to puton sandwiches heck to give us Christmaspresents it don’t matter candy bacon isfantastic so we’re gonna take it andjust kind of Pat that sugar down on theslices you just want to cover all of itand it’s gonna start pulling moistureout of the bacon it’s gonna kind of getwet a little bit it’s gonna get stickyand that’s what we want to see we’regoing to flip them over and do the exactsame thing to the back side of thesepieces of bacon as well now I’m gonnaget a couple of these little smallchicken racks sprayed with some cookingspray so the bacon doesn’t stick to themthen we’re gonna start putting thesebacon pieces on these racks using theseracks makes it really easy to transportthat bacon we’re ready to put this baconon the pit right beside the turkey Imeanno that is gonna be fantastic right ourturkey breast is coming right along it’sgot about 15 more degrees we’re gonna goahead and get our spicy candy bacongoingBacon’s been rolling about seven minutesI’m gonna go ahead and make sure it’sloosened up from the rack it’s lookinggood cooking you can see it’s sizzlingsugars caramelizing on and it’s stillgot a little ways to go all right youcan see our dot has just hit 165 thatmeans our turkey breast is done we’regonna go ahead and get it off theBacon’s finishing it up it’s been onabout 14 minutes it just needs a littlewhile longerand look how good that turkey breast islooking it’s got all that Cajunseasoning cooked down on it’s got abeautiful color it just needs to calmdown now let’s get it over to thecutting board I’m just gonna put alittle bit of aluminum fall loosely overthis I’m not trying to wrap it up tightleave it to her a little the steam canget out we don’t want to cook any moreI’m just gonna let it sit here VIN it onthe board so it’ll cool all the way downwe’re making sandwiches out of this whenI slice it I don’t want to lose thejuice you can even wrap it up put it ina refrigerator overnight build these thenext day all right now our bacon prettymuch there it’s got a pretty brown colorthe brown sugars kind of melted on ityou can see it all sizzling away kind ofgot a candy look to it that’s what youwant to see it’s been about a total of18 minutes the Bacon’s been home let’sget this bacon off so I’ve had theturkey breast resting for about 30minutes that’s plenty of time for it tocalm down let’s get it out of the net noeasy way to do it you just want to takethe net and cut it with a knife so wedon’t want any of that string in ourmeat we’re just gonna trash that netthat just helped it stay together duringthe cooking process and I’m just goingto take my knife and we’re gonna cut itwhatever size slices you like we’ll kindof go kind of thin because we are makinga sandwich with it if you were gonnaserve this you know to eat you could cutit as thick as you want I mean it looksbeautiful you can see the seasonings init cooked through and through stilljuicy we let it completely cool downbefore we sliced it and it would havebeen fine the next day to slice it itwould have been even better this makesreally good sandwiches and I’m fixingout to get me a bite of this turkeybecause it looks too good let’s try someof that with that Cajun seasoning onthat’s delicious well it’s got somespice it’s got the savoriness but youcan really taste the Cajun seasoningsthe flavor of the herbs the peppers allthat stuff that’s in the king crawlcomes through and the butter kept itnice and juicy on the inside now let’smake some sandwiches so for thissandwich we’re doing a Cajun turkey clubclub sandwiches a triple decker sandwichmeat bacon lettuce tomato and mayo totie it all togetherI made a Cajun Mayo using my sweet firepickles that we chopped up real finemixed it with some mayonnaise some Dijonmustard some hot sauce a littlehorseradish for some kick a little bitof seasonings the King crawl and a pinchof salt and pepper start it all up andit made a really great mayonnaise we’regonna put some on all the toast on thebottom side you can see the sweet firein it so first we need our turkey let’sgo a couple slices of turkey on herethen we’re going to come with somelettuce traditional club sandwich coupleslices of tomato and we’ve got to havesome of that spicy candy bacon on it nowwe’re ready for that second layer got toadd a little bit more of that Cajun mayoto start the next layer and this isgonna be a man-sized club sandwich youknow I don’t do anything small a littlemore Turkey top it again with somelettuce a couple more tomato slices twomore strips of that candy bacon we’reready for our last piece of toast thatwe’re gonna put a little bit more ofthat mayo on to glue it all togetherthere we gothat’s one club sandwich you know I gotto build another one one’s not gonna beenough now y’all know I’m fixing to tryone of these sandwiches what I’m goingto do is go ahead and stick me a skewerin each side behemoth like this you needsome help to hold it togethergot a couple dill pickles on there justfor extra vegetables and we’re gonnaslice right down the middle hereserrated knife all the way down how doesthat sandwich right there look if youdon’t think that’s a good club sandwichsomething wrong with you I’ve got to geta bite all right how we gonna pick thisbeast up y’all know I could do thisright that’s a monster sandwich I meanlook at the turkey the Mayo the baconthe lettuce that’s just an awesome clubsandwichhmmm that is the real deal right thereyou got to unhinge your jaw to bite thisone mmm that snake by darling I love ithey this turkey sandwich here is a StoneCold Stunneryou got that smoked turkey the spicinessfrom the Cajun seasoning the butterinessfrom the injection playing with thesweetness from the candy bacon thatCajun mayo just ties it all together itgives it another creamy element lettuceand tomatoes to make those doctors happyand the great thing about this recipe isyou can substitute your smoked turkeyfrom Thanksgiving here in a few weeksyou don’t have to do just the breastdark meat white meat whatever you likeit would be fantastic on the clubsandwich hey thanks for checking us outhere how to barbecue right if you likewhat we’re doing subscribe to ourChannelyou can find us on Facebook Instagramand Twitter and Schelling I do a weeklypodcast where we talk more in depthabout these recipes we’ll be talkingabout the turkey club this week so y’allcome hang out with us we’ll see y’allnext time I got to get back on thissandwich Chelle we’re gonna wrap this upmmm that might be the best turkeysandwich I’ve ever rightyou

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