BBQ Turkey Recipes

How to make a grilled cheese turkey sandwich

You need bread cheese meat and butter.

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BBQ Turkey Recipes

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my Channel todayI am going to be showing y’all how tomake a grilled cheese turkey feelers somake sure you like comment and subscribedown below thank you plus you startedmark what you might need to be able toget your pan of course go aheadsorry nothing up you’re going to goahead and turn on the fire and yes I’monly nine years old but I yeah butteryou cook at night Mike wasn’t fine or aspatula okay so now a very terriblebecause you can burn yourselfnow Jan ideally you’re going to get yourbread[Applause][Music]okay so now why don’t even at thisfiction to be very something on howyou’re making this display until I get alittle bit Brown like that you seeoh so let me know should be will beseeing up here right so once it getsbrown I can’t see the brown me but willmaybe y’all can learn to see this me youlittle brown and crispy thing that’sgonna mean start flipping so not exactlyready yet make sure you how about thecheese and your turkey or ham whateveryou like after lady that state you’regonna bless the ice maker okay so areyou doing that you’re gonna get yourcheese ready listen your back up becauseyou’re gonna flip it and you’re an asseton the cheese so this one actuallywaiting ready you have a thing that’sready to okay so as you do that partyou’re gonna get your cheese outI make sure if it’s achieved with thatpaper on it make sure you don’t forgetto take the paper off[Applause][Applause]thank youI hope you liked it why

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