BBQ Turkey Recipes

How to make a Grilled Turkey Burger on the Weber Q

In this easy grilling video, I cook a turkey burger on my Weber Q1200 portable propane gas grill. I used 1/2 lb of ground turkey and seasoned it with kosher salt and Johnny’s Seasoned Pepper. Then cooked it on high until the internal temperature reached 165 degrees F.
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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys today I’m going to cook aturkey burger on my little Weber cutegas grill so let’s get queuing I have apound of ground turkey here this was$5.99 a pound I think ground beef andI’m actually all the beef is gettingpretty expensive lately so just thoughtI’d been eating a little bit of thislately with ground turkey with naturalflavoring I’m not sure what naturalflavoring is probably msg or something Idon’t know it doesn’t really say butanyway I’m probably this is a littlelighter than ground beef somebody who’sabout half of it here to make my Pattyand I think this is like about a hundredand sixty calories four quarter poundsso this would be 320 calories and thispatty here so just get this into a pattyhere and I’m going to season this onboth sides with some kosher salt andsome Johnny season pepperbesides pepper this has sugar red greenbell pepper garlic and onionI bet this little grill for over twoyears now so this will be my thirdseason with it so get it warmed up hereget it turned on and it’s got an igniterso it doesn’t really take too much gas Ihave a 20 pound 20 pound propane tankfor it and probably maybe only gothrough maybe one during the summer andI actually use it quite a bit so it’s apretty economical grill to use my grillsbeen preheating for about 10 minutes atabout 375 degrees Fahrenheit so it lookspretty hot this grill has cast irongrates but sometimes things will kind ofstick to them a little bit so I’m justgoing to wipe a little bit of oil onthere just to kind of help prevent thatfrom sticking that turkeys kind of leanso it tends to stick sometimes all rightI’ll just go ahead and get that on thereand I had like I said I have the grillon high so it’s grill temperatures about375 degrees Fahrenheit so let it cookfor a few minutes on that side it’s beenabout seven or eight minutes so I’mgonna check on this here that’s lookingpretty good I think I’m gonna try toflip it over here hopefully it won’tstick too much looks good now we’ll justget the lid on and let it cook until theinternal temperature is 165 degreesFahrenheit it’s been about five or sixminutes on that side so let’s see howwe’re doing here looking for 165 degreesFahrenheit 160 yeah I think we’re thereokay I’m gonna go ahead and get that offof there these things kind of dry out ifyou cook them too long you can put thison a bun if you wanted to but I decidedto go the healthier route and I bakedthat sweet potato in my toaster ovensteamed some asparagus a little bit ofavocado on the side there let’s cut intothis and see how it lookswe won’t be too dry it looks a littlebit dry but it’s kind of just how thisis anyway let’s try it bite[Music]it is a little bit dry I left it on alittle bit too long I’m not gonna lie toyou a little bit dry but the flavor isgood that Johnny seasonings good on it Iguess we’ll let Annie try it if shechokes one that was really drywell if she’s looking that of coursesheets about anything anyway I like thatlittle grill a lot it works great forjust cooking something fast like thatbut like I said that ground turkey itdries out really quickly so try not toget it much above 165 degrees Fahrenheitit kind of got away from me a little bitit’s kind of setting up the camera andstuff but it happens no big deal I likethe way it was seasoned and everythinganyway hope you guys are having fun staystay[Music]

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