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Oven baked turkey wings

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Video Transcription

hi guys here is a quick video on how tomake oven baked turkey wings usingtrophy house buddy Hubert the part Iforgot to film was how I make incisionsand create pockets on my meat so wedefinitely make another video and I’mpost hour later I usually love my wingsfor but these are huge as compared tothe normal sized wings under Marcus Idecided to cut it up we applied the BBQrub which is quite strong so you do nothave to marinate overnight you can butthen you do not have to it comes outperfect whether you do a directapplication or not so why did was I cutit out reapply give it a little heat andit turn out nice so don’t forget tocontact us anytime you want to make thisOlympic reveal we do have the freshfruits and wings available we do havethe barbecue rub available slide intoour D ends and we deliver it right toyour duster have a lovely day people

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