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Oven-grilled TURKEY MEAT Seasoned with MUSTARD SAUCE😍🤤// irresistible

Hello My YouTube Family and welcome once more in my youtube channel. Today i’m back with a new video on my YouTube Channel And its about a new recipe of ” oven- grilled turkey meat Seasoned with MUSTARD “. To cook this delicioux meal we need this ingredients :

2kg turkey meat
5 tbs of mustard

-1 tbs of cumin
-1 tbs of black peper
– 1 tbs of White peper
– 1 tbs red Bell peper
– 1 tbs of red hot chill peper
– 2 maggie cube
– 1 tbs salt
– 2 green bell peper ( medium size )
– 3 inch of djindja

We are going To mixed all the spices and the meat and allow them To rest for To 2 hours . Then we let them done in the oven for 1hour. When the meat is done we can serve it with rice or any other food of your choice. This recipe is simple and easy To make. Its a healthy food with low calories. Recommandés and very delicioux and tasty.

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Thank you and see toi in my next video

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome back to my channel isyour drama if it’s your first time onlythis channel thank you for stopping byyou are welcome and if you alreadysubscribe like this tournament thank youcommunicate so today we are going tomake great achievement in this videolet’s go straight to the kimchi okayto make the Toki meat we need Toki ofcourse this is 2 kilos document we needsalt we have salt herewe need new start we need two greenpepper some help some ginger sorry halfonion to Maggie and this is ourdifferent spices okay this whole redbell pepper this is normal no matter redpepper we have calmly we have time herewe have black pepper and we have commonand also white pepper so I am going touse all these passes to spice my total sthat so now we are starting this is mymy keyI’m adding salt now okay one tablespoonof black pepper 1 tablespoon of red bellpepper powder 1 tablespoon of thyme 1tablespoon of comment 1 tablespoon ofred chili pepper 1 tablespoon of whitepepper 1 tablespoon of curry now we addthe mustard I can’t tell you exactly thequantity that means well that isaccording to your meat so I reduce myeye to judge the quantity so after putall the spices we are going to allow itface and grind this one[Music]our ingredients blend already here sowhat I’m going to do I’m going to add ithere we have all our ingredients herewell okay now I allow my talking me tohead for to our the fan is off now whatI’m going to do is just stick[Music]okay now we are going to set the ovenallow it to hot for a minute and thenyou just have to put our talking meatinside and wait it’s time to check ourmeat let’s open the oven Wow I justbring it out from the oven the talkingmeat is done ready to save so the otokimeat is ready and I serve it with friedrice on a vegetable I hope you guysreally enjoy my video if you are newhere don’t forget to subscribe pleaseclick the bottom like drop a commentshare thank you for watching the videosee you in my next videoBon Appetit enjoy your mealbye

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