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Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast Wrapped In A Bacon Weave

Smoked boneless turkey breast wrapped in a bacon weave. I also used a cranberry barbecue sauce. All of my techniques and recipes are a combination of watching many other chefs and YouTubers.

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Video Transcription

hello everyone thanks for coming to thechannel today I got a holiday edition ofcooking turkey breasts with a bacon wrapwith some barbecue sauce on it it’spretty darn moist normally I like thedark meat this is white meat but I founda way to keep it moist so watch firstthings firstget a cutting board since it’s plasticit slides around a little bit so I takea wet paper towel throw it underneathdoesn’t move around as much first we’regonna make the barbecue sauce real quickthen I’m going to open a can of jelliedcranberry sauce well these are justregular memphis-style barbecue sauce issweet barbecue and just keep jellycranberry sauce it’s the kind of takesthe sheets of the can it’s not specialit’s not gourmet but when you put themtogether that cranberry taste just comesright through so I break it upjust a little bit good quick mix now thejelly is still you know a chunk formwe’re gonna use the microwave to heat itup put it in for 1 minute on high allright get it for another 30 seconds so aminute 1/2 total probably depends onwhat kind of microwave you have or howmany watts but I did it for a minute anda half it’s pretty much all one sauce soput that off to the side I put a pieceof wax paper down on the cutting board Iput 1 2 3 4 5 6 pieces of bacon and goas wide as you want depends how big thepiece of meat is if you get too much Ihave never heard anyone complain abouttoo much bacon then you put anotherslice in the center then you pull everyother one trying to keep it somewhattight to the other pieceand no piece of bacon is perfectlysquare edge and then you put the otherpieces back we did that one last timenow we’re going to do this one everyotherand where there are holes and gaps inthe pea slices of bacon when you getthem together it kind of fills in everyother and that gives you theover-and-under effect of they canblanket wait to see there’s some holesthere won’t matter because you’re Crisscrossing itwhy you do it on the wax paper isbecause eventually you’re gonna have toput it on the meat over it and this willhelp you make the turn so it all staysin one piece and together while youcover the turkey I’m using thin baconwhen you thin because then it will crispup a lot better I’m on the piece of meatthat you’re going to cook or smokeand when it cooks our smoky – kind ofshrinks up around itthat’s good that’s good for the size ofitturkey breasts I have and we’ll put thatto the side and start working on theturkey breasts a turkey ready for theholidays I’m using my vicious littlebugger of a knifeit’s called friend out west and forgedit for me now careful there’s a bunch offluid well turkey juice next one’s gonnalaugh both to absorb it a little bitcomes in a bag cuz there’s two that’ssome gravy over here too they give youso there’s two turkey breasts like Isaid and you put it in a bag you do notwant to keep the bag on there okaytake it off I’ve never met anyone whowanted to eat fabric and elasticnormally there’s two breasts in one andI have trouble keeping it together thisone here looks like they used it’s gonnacut off this excess skin fat it’s likethey used one huge turkey breast a lotof times it comes in a two pack that’swhy they put the one of the reasons whythey put the mesh bag over it okayyou’re gonna cut the extra off you don’thave to burn a I’m gonna take it all offbecause mm if you’re not crisping up theskin at a high temperature which I’m notusing a super high temperature this willjust get hard as leather okaya little bit of I seen you keep somebreasts together okayso now you have a turkey breast onewhole turkey breast okay so this yearI’m gonna use a little spice rub calledWidow Bo it’s from the wooded beardsmanhe’s also has a YouTube channel you buyit online from him or or Zachary Fowlerand I’m gonna put this on before I putthe bacon leave this spice rub it’spretty good I don’t just abouteverything I’ve never had it badanything these are done a lot of wildmeat that they catch or shootsighs it in a bit okay all right wellyou said it before there was a reasonwhy you want the wax paper so when youcan turn it over out to the breastput it right thereslap it on top form it around it andthis should peel easily do that thisbaking leave isn’t perfect looks like Iforgot one step here on this one but itbasically keeps it all together if youget the gist and then now that it’s ontop of it you can put the weave right upunderneath the turkey breastokay so there you goyou can cuff it underneath good shapeand from here you’re going to put somebarbecue sauce on so the barbecue sauceand cranberry sauce nice yeah and youdid give it you should give it a tastebecause you can open another can ofcranberry or add some extra barbecuesauce to your liking that’s all I didthough those two items no salt no pepperno other spices just those two things Ikept it simple and people seem to reallylike itmm-hmm so I just spoon it on the top butI like the carmelization the sauce givesalso we use a Douglas fir from redneckrenegade to get my barbecue fire startedis it a bench made bug-out pocket knife[Music]Heyall right now we’re gonna let that gostart the Cole’s gained more heat andwe’ll be back we’re gonna use theApplewood today on our smoke we got thefire started with a nice set of Ferrorod and striker from redneck renegadeit’s a Nathan 407 won Ferro rodwe have nice hot coals I’m gonna closethe smoker actually I forgot to put thedeflector plate in and the wood so weput the Applewood in therenow let’s gonna put this heat deflectorall right smokers already just about offto temp you want to give it about 300 ittakes around four hours now I see ifthese rates fitOh put one on the topand that would be the computer noticingthat there’s a tenth decreaseokay Nomo is a toothpick in that one myson did that one try to pass on thelegacy of barbecue all right folks lookthis is the largest onetalented 300 for about four hourslet’s see how this turned out I’ll sliceit backwards so you can possibly see itslice is really really moistvery goodsmokey see that pink smoke ring aroundthe edges success give it a try have awonderful holiday seasonyou

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  1. Very nice and tasty video brother!! Was great that you shared this recipe. Looks great 👍. I hope that you have a nice weekend ( no such thing as too much bacon). All the best. Rod

  2. Hi new friend I have seen great things o your channel you are showing good work and very informative tips you also gave us mage like 👍 I often show different beautiful things turkey breast look s good i also cook some food dishes greeting

  3. Oh my goodness that looks so good are you a chef? Well, your package is in the mail 🙂 nothing too big but just a little something 😃

  4. This looks amazing! I smoked a couple turkeys for Thanksgiving this year, I’ll have to try this one time too I subscribed back, I appreciate your support!

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