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Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwiches

The best time to buy a turkey is right after Thanksgiving when people are sick of them. They go on sale and you can pick them up for a bargain. The best time to smoke a turkey is when it’s warm out. This video shows you how to break down a whole turkey and smoke the breasts and drumsticks to perfection.

Tony Chacheres More Spice :
Boning knife :
It’s really sharp and I know a couple of people that have cut themselves with it. Be careful!

Cajun Turkey Sandwich Rub:
1 Part Salt
2 Parts Black Pepper
1/2 Part Cajun Seasoning (I like Tony Chacheres More Spice)

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Video Transcription

Today on the grill top experience we are
making one of my favorite recipes out onthe smoker and that is smoked turkey. The
best time to buy whole turkey is wheneverybody else is already sick of them.
In the United States that’s right afterThanksgiving and before Christmas when
they all go on sale. So I bought a coupleof them and I saved them in my freezer
so that way I could have them here inthe springtime when turkeys are a lot
harder to find. Since things are alittle bit crazy with the coronavirus
I’m gonna actually make these into twodifferent dishes. I’m gonna take my
favorite part that goes good for smokingfor sandwiches as well as the drumsticks
and I’ll smoke those and the other partI’m gonna turn into turkey noodle soup.
You’re gonna have to check that videoout next week. The weather forecast is
calling for a little bit of rain so I’mgonna use my kamado so that we don’t
have to worry about the temperature andcan spend most of the time inside. The
trick with kamado cooking is startingwith the right high quality lump or
briquettes that don’t produce a lot ofash. I have a hard time lighting this
brand, so I added a few that have theK stamped on them. To get things going
light the fire starter and walk away forabout 15 minutes to let things fire up.
I added a couple small chunks ofpeach wood from my yard for a bit more
flavor. Add the Kamado deflector plate toavoid burning the bottom and let
everything come up to temperature likewe normally would. I set the vents at the
beginning of the cook and never touchedthem again even during the rain.
Butchering the turkey is the hardestpart of the whole cook. To remove the
breast just cut to the side of thebreastbone and go straight down. I cut
between the thigh and the breast to makeit a little bit more exposed and then I
cut directly just above the wing for aneasy release.After that make small cuts along the
ribcage following as close as you canand you’ll see it fold away from the
rest of the bird. You might end upleaving a little bit more meat on the
bird than you intended but we’re gonnaput that to good use later when we make
our stock. With a bit of practice it’sgoing to become second nature. One pro
tip it is six bajillion times easier todo this if the turkey is fully thawed.
don’t try to do it if it’s frozen.Removing the thighs and the drums takes
a little bit more finesse. Followalong the main part of the bird cutting
as close as you can to the inside untilyou hit the thigh bone once you hit it
pull the thigh and the rest of the birdapart to expose the joint. I’m going
to save you from the noise it made.You’re going to want to cut through
right through the joint and not throughthe bones and give a little wiggle and
you’ll see exactly where everythingbends the wing is pretty much the same
process just cut it in between thejoints. I only have a 50% success rate
separating with drums and the thighs butit’s the exact same process. You’re gonna
cut through the meat where you think thejoint is and then slice it through once
you’ve exposed and found the joint. I’musing the same knife that I used a trim
brisket because the thin blade movespretty quickly around the bones.
It does once you find the joint andthere was we were able to cut it right
through for the drumsticks. I’m using asweet commercial BBQ rub with a bit of
extra black pepper and I plan to eatthese tonight. Spoiler alert I highly
recommend the sweet rub with smokeddrumsticks. The breasts are a little bit
different since these ones are destinedfor sandwiches.
Remove the skin since these are gonnacook way too low and slow to make it
crispy. Those will be rubbery in the end.Then I covered it with my Cajun pepper
Turkey rub which gives those sandwichesa bit of a bite. I left that recipe down
in the description box for you if youwant to check it out. I can find
drumsticks any time of the year but it’sthe breasts that I really love and
they’re come out really nice and juicywhen you put them on the smoker this way.
This is the pretty much the only wayI’ve been able to find that you can buy
them at the store so let’s get it on Iset up the kamado for 275 degrees
Fahrenheit throughout the entire cookand the breasts go directly over the
deflector plate to avoid burning them onthe bottom. The drums are gonna go to
the edge to help crisp up that skin thenI left it for an hour and a half or so
to get some smoke and color and boy didthey come out looking pretty.
Too much smoke and you’ll end up withTurkey that is dark as night. These came
out looking absolutely perfect.The secret to juicy breasts is to wrap them
in foil with some butter.Franklin’s recipe calls for
two full sticks of butter per breast, butI found that a half a stick is more than
plenty I cook them upside down so thatway the butter can braise and flavor the
meat as it cooks. Wrap it up tight andlet them cook until they reach 165
degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature.Please please don’t overcook them
175 degrees Fahrenheit for the dark meatand 165 Fahrenheit for the breast is the
perfect temperature. The genius to thismethod is each piece comes off when it’s
cooked rather than when the last pieceis done like you would do for the whole
bird. The biggest problem with cookingthe whole bird is the breast will come
out to dry and over cooking themisn’t a problem with this method.
Now check out the juice that comes outwhen I cut it it’s not even dipped in
the butter left over from the foil yet,which I highly recommend that you do for
an extra kick of flavor. So I just haveto say I love turkey sandwiches
especially when it’s smoked turkey thatI smoked myself along with some avocado
and smoked cheese. If you want to checkout my next video about turkey noodle
soup I’m gonna put it right over herejust as soon as it’s done.

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  1. There’s something magical about a turkey sandwich like that. Love the video, great cook, and I can’t wait to see the soup video! Cheers buddy.

  2. Always great to see a new video from you. Excellent work on the turkey butchering demo! We really appreciate how you explain things so well. And that sandwich looks so yummy! Great job! We hope you and everyone at your house is safe and healthy!

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