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Turkey Leg Hut BBQ Restaurant Review Houston Texas | BBQ Champion Harry Soo

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Harry’s YouTube subscriber and Patreon sponsor John Smith have dinner at the fabulous Turkey Leg Hut for their special turkey leg including Alfredo Stuffed Crawfish Turkey Legs. Click “SHOW MORE” for links and info. Love outdoor grilling? Want to master BBQ so you can spread BBQ love? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been cooking and teaching with live fire over 10 years as a competition BBQ cook. You may have also seen me on Chopped Grill Masters, Cutthroat Kitchen, Smoked, and BBQ Pitmasters. Be sure to subscribe for recipes and black belt pitmaster tips and tricks.

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Hi! I’m Harry Soo, a Grand Champion pitmaster from in Diamond Bar, near Los Angeles. Welcome to my vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel & lifestyle videos, BBQ contests, classes, as well as interviews and stories.

On weekdays, I’m an IT nerd living a Dilbertesque existence in a fabric covered cubicle in downtown LA. I’m the head tour guide for a team of IT project managers who build datacenters, networks, servers, and infrastructure that helps bring tap water to 300 cities and 20 million residents in SoCal.

On weekends, I come alive as a pitmaster, competitor, and BBQ instructor. You’ve seen me on BBQ Pitmasters, Food Network, Chopped Grill Masters, Smoked, Cutthroat Kitchen, and local TV in California. My shtick is I’ve used a humble 18-inch Weber Smokey Mountain smoker to win 100+ first places and 1st place USA in the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) awards including best chicken, brisket, and sirloin; and I’ve won over 27 Grand Championships. I’ve personally taught 200+ classes and trained 3,000+ pitmasters in small hands-on dozen student classes in the US, Sydney, London, Kuala Lumpur, Canada, and Hawaii.

I get many questions weekly about how to grill and barbecue. Since I started cooking professionally in 2008, I’ve answered thousands via email so I decided to post my answers via video to reach a wider audience. I’ll do my best to post a video on my channel periodically. I upload vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel & lifestyle videos, BBQ contests, classes; as well as interviews and stories.

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Video Transcription

thank youit’s pretty crazy guys my good buddyJohn Smith from Dallas he’s from Dallasgoing to done and I go back a ways onYouTube and he’s invited me over to hangout it man this is a while this is thenumber two trickplace if they come overthank youyou should watchrodeo BBQ Kukoc tell me about what’s onthe menueverything’s on to me everything doneturkey legsabout a dozen seven sides as much youcan eat we’re just gonna have a goodtime tonight and you’ll see it this hairhe’s gonna sell cheap money tell themhow much you had to pay to get in hereoh it cost some hundred dollars up frontto get a reservation under dollars upfront to get a reservation all right Ineed the security at a gate here andlots of people are out so absolutelycrazy I’m gonna give it a shot here[Music]all right the menu is absolutely aturkey leg cut is crazy there’s just somany items that you can order herethe signature one is this one called theafraid of stuffed turkey leg the mexicanchild is the swamp fries chicken boudinthe Cajun ball that’s what with thewaitress told us and all the traditionalsize already enterprise the crew of cornsounds really interestingand then the tlh sauteed spinach so wewould have a mango Hara Pinot Gris Lakeso all kinds of fantastic flavorsalright let’s try the booty in ballswhich is a dirty rice ball fried rightit’s a little bit of like a fish batterI said moist Wow very good party theoutside crunchy the inside is nice andmoist which is advice advice right[Music]right important delicious draw anything[Music]very good Mikesmartmy sleep notthat’s what you had very poor judgmentthis is gonna be a sausage and that’sgoing to be cajun spices and I keepingredients Mugu beaten up Vegaexcellentthese are these are the fries right whatare these swamp rice Traviata cheeseokay Wow very goodthat’s a big dish right there Wow somuch foodwow this is crazyabsolutely amazingthis is whatthe Prophet Cajun crawfish mac andcheese Cajun crawfish mac and cheese andthat’s the truebring up shrimp puff it up a signaturewine is a signature dish right here yeahthis is thegarlic parmesan okay and this one is thespinach with shrimp tears upon that isabsolutely insane rightand watch this I’m gonna try to pick itupOhthat is crazy ohthat’s a really amazing Cepeda spinachso let me pull this one off now samething rightwe’ll come on sir[Music]all right my favorite is the rice andbeans or try the rice and beans here sokeep eating it very gender weight favorthis will be papaya run for the moneyJohn what’s your overall verdict thumbsup thumbs downstay under pops never deliverI’m sorry thumbs up best rifle feelingI’ve ever had in my lifebest jerky you ever had your life yeahfathers sake somethingshe’s a very picky eater nothing’s goodenough but this is really good pornbuddy rice spinach spinach skin on theturkey leg is wonderfulforget escape hereright you never tried to take me hardand use that you definitely gonna comeout here it’s a long wait but definitelyworth the trouble and if you want to belike my Chandi pay $100 and get yourselfin there’s a prepaid ticket and I haveall this wonderful enjoyable food rightso absolutely fantastic Turkeyanyway in America I would say number onenumber one in America Turkey and readyshirt you get a turkey legwhat is he Kabul a peach cobbler eatinghere popular everybody here rightall right[Music]absolutely great this is a greatfinisher here all right now for anothersecond dessert after the fantasticcinnamon peach cobbler so hey we all dothat or not herecaramel crunch cakevery traditional southern cakecoupons a little extract andUltrait’s very traditional it’s a great it’sa great dessert here in the southokay we’re gonna try it now until theleak was just I can tell it’s gonna begood at how moist it is there’s a bigsmile tells everythingall right here we go homevery moist very fluffy very light not tosee don’t over do thisit’s how they wroteyeahnot a thumbs up definitely I definitelyagree wait wait[Music]turkey leg Hut best turkey leg inAmericaBarnum I know because I just hatethey’re absolutely fantastic food if youever in Houston come down and checkthese guys out turkey leg has long linesbut if you got a hundred dollars tospare they’ll get seat you right awayinstead of all these folks staying inline they open to 1:00 a.m. I thinkTuesday through Sunday so absolutelyfantastic so come join[Music]

13 Replies to “Turkey Leg Hut BBQ Restaurant Review Houston Texas | BBQ Champion Harry Soo

  1. Turkey legs have been my go-to snack, if available, ever since Disney World when I was a kid, over 30 years ago. Happily my 12 yr old daughter and I can still enjoy them at most amusement parks we visit. I’d love to try that restaurant.

  2. Soo Sifu: A Good Friday day to you and friends! It was great having you, and Mr. John, review this amazing restaurant! I never imagined that turkey drum stick could be made into a turkey Alfredo with good-sized prawns , and the drumstick becoming so tender. Food at the restaurant looks delicious and was creative, like the deep-fried rice! Keep-up the great video! Best wishes to you, Ms. Fong, and the ohana, which includes Mr. Beans, Sifu! 🧧🤙🥩🍗

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