Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is back on Food Network next month with the premiere of the newest season of “Alex vs America.”

TheWrap can exclusively reveal her show returns Sunday, July 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the cable network.

In each one-hour long episode, Guarnaschelli will face off with three chefs from across the U.S. — at the same time — who are experts in a particular culinary specialty. If they can beat her, they win a cash prize and bragging rights, of course.

Chef Eric Adjepong is hosting the show and leads Chef Alex and her competitors in two rounds of challenges.

Here’s how the show works: Adjepong will present Chef Alex and the competitors with a culinary theme for their dishes. Competitors can work together in the first round to choose ingredients and decide how much time is on the clock. Two judges will then blind taste test the dishes.

Just three chefs will advance to the next round, and the least successful challenger will be sent home — and it could even be Chef Alex. The winner of the first round gets to choose all the variables for the second culinary challenge, with the remaining chefs’ final plates determining who comes out on top.

Among the dishes Chef Alex and her competitors will prepare are French cuisine, dessert, vegetarian, and modernist cuisine.

“I am so excited to step back into the arena to take on a new batch of chefs from across the country,” Guarnaschelli said in a statement. “These competitors are pulling out all the stops to showcase their culinary talent to try and bring me down. They have a lot on the line, but I don’t like to lose so they better bring their A-game.”

“Alex Guarnaschelli is one of the most feared chefs in any culinary competition. She has taken on the best of the best and triumphed, and now has her sights set on a new crop of supremely talented chefs that share the same culinary specialty and drive to best Alex,” Jane Latman, president of Home & Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery, said in a statement. “This season of ‘Alex vs America’ will have viewers feeling like they are in the arena with Alex, as she attempts to keep her streak alive.”

The show has a digital companion series: “Alex vs America Prep School.”

“Alex vs America” is produced by Knuckle Sandwich Productions and Lando Entertainment.

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