BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon is a barbecue competition show that pits two teams of grill masters against each other in various challenges to prove their skills and creativity on the fire1. The show is hosted by Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell and Jet Tila, who also serve as team captains and mentors for the contestants. The show is a spin-off of the original BBQ Brawl: Flay v Symon, which featured Flay and Michael Symon as rival captains.

The show premiered on Food Network in 2019 and moved to California for its fourth season in 2022. The show features 12 new contenders who compete in 10 episodes for the title of Master of ‘Cue and the starring role in a series on Food Network digital. The show also features guest judges such as Carson Kressley, Rodney Scott, Brooke Williamson, and more.

The show challenges the contestants to showcase their barbecue skills and styles in various themes and twists, such as seafood, international, vegan, classics, hybrid, and more. The show also celebrates the art and culture of barbecue and the diversity and passion of American food.

BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 4 will premiere on Tuesday, June 10 at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network and will air every Tuesday on Food Network and available on Discovery+. The show will showcase the talent and personality of the bakers as they impress or disappoint the judges with their flavors, designs, and techniques. The show will also feature the humor and warmth of the hosts as they support and tease the bakers along the way.

BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 4 is a show that will delight, inspire, and educate you. You will get to see the amazing creations of the bakers as they compete for the ultimate barbecue prize. You will also get to learn some barbecue tips and tricks from the experts themselves. You will also get to enjoy the fun and friendly rivalry between the hosts as they battle for barbecue supremacy.

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