Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is the next installment in what has become a most venerable tradition in cooking shows. It will also take place in the location where all cooking shows began — Kitchen Stadium. When Iron Chef started in Japan, no one knew the craze it would cause amongst American viewers, and now, the franchise is back with a whole new set of chefs that have proven themselves on the TV competition circuit. Every chef is ready to defend Kitchen Stadium in not just one-on-one battles but now in a season-long elimination-style competition that will test the skills of chefs from every culinary background.

Netflix will be rebooting the show, creating a new title with it — Iron Legend. The competition is certainly heating up, having recently announced the set of five Iron Chefs that the contestants must be ready to battle. The show has brought back an impressive list of original Iron Chef stars dating back to the original Japanese show and has familiar faces from Iron Chef: America. You may even recognize some people from different cooking shows recruited to strut their stuff on the ancient cooking battleground that is Kitchen Stadium.

Iron Chef: The Cast

Alton Brown will return as the host. Having hosted Iron chef: America while it was on, he can now add this show to his impressively long list of cooking shows he has hosted before. Alton will be standing beside one of the cooking circuit’s most impressive competitors and judges, Kristen Kish. She made an incredible comeback from losing Top Chef to fight her way through Last Chance Kitchen and return to the show to be crowned Top Chef in the Seattle season. Now, Kish will host a new competition starting this summer. And of course, what would the show be without the incredible Chairman of Kitchen Stadium, Mark Dacascos. Nephew to the original Chairman of the Japanese show, Takeshi Kaga, Dacascos has proved himself deadly in a dojo performing martial arts roles in movies across genres. Now, he stands as the guardian of the Stadium, reprising a role as Chairman that he’s had since the beginning of Iron Chef: America.

Some guest judges are incredible and surprisingly welcome faces viewers will be excited to see. One of which is an Iron Chef from the original series and Iron Chef: America, Masaharu Morimoto. Known for his fusion style of blending American and Japanese cuisine, Morimoto is a legacy to the Iron Chef tradition who will appear as a guest judge for one episode. The judges’ table will also feature familiar faces like Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Silverton. The two permanent judges are Andrew Zimmerman and Nilou Motamed, Zimmerman coming in with a lengthy resume and Motamed being relatively new to the game.

Iron Chef: The Competition Style

Previous Iron Chef competitions had one challenger going up against one of the Iron Chefs in head-to-head kitchen combat. However, on the journey to become an Iron Legend, contestants will have to battle each other as well as Iron Chefs in a new structure of competition. It seems there will be a season-long challenge.

Shaking up the style of previous Iron Chef competitions begs the question of how the battle for Kitchen Stadium will be fought. Keeping the competitors for the whole season must lead to a series of different challenges, but how will the Iron Chefs be involved? There will likely be several styles of challenges, as we have seen on the Great British Baking Show, but placed in competition against one of the Iron Chefs. The show will likely be a combination of Top Chef and a one-on-one cooking show.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Iron Chef if they didn’t have a loud, ceremonious unveiling of the secret ingredient at the top of the show. Hopefully, they will have a cameo of Takeshi Kaga (the original Chairman) taking a big bite out of a bell pepper. But for now, the world holds its breath as it waits to see who will be crowned the very first Iron Legend.

Iron Chef: The Competitors

And instead of the traditional three Iron Chefs, Netflix has identified five: Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelsson, Gabriela Camara, Dominique Crenn, and Ming Tsai. Most of the Iron Chefs returning to Kitchen Stadium have competed there before on Iron Chef: America. In fact, Gabriela Camara is the only one who has not.

Curtis Stone has earned a Michelin Star, and Dominique Crenn is the first woman in the United States ever to achieve a full 3. Ming Tsai is likely the most recognizable name on this list and the only chef in the ranks to beat Bobby Flay. Finally, Marcus Samuelsson serves as a permanent judge on the show Chopped.

Premiere Date

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend will premiere on June 15, 2022, only on Netflix.

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