MasterChef Australia is back for its 11th season, putting 24 talented and passionate home cooks to the test alongside the biggest international culinary legends.

Full of familiar faces, fond farewells and, of course, fabulous cooking challenges, season 11 is set to be one of MasterChef’s best – here’s what’s in store when the ultimate cooking challenge returns.

It’s Matt, Gary and George’s last season (sob!)

After 11 years putting contestants through their paces in the search to find Australia’s best cooking talent, beloved judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris revealed in July that season 11 of the show will be their last – and that the show will continue with a yet to be announced, all new line-up of judges.

With more than a decade on our screens under their belts, saying goodbye to the trio will be bittersweet for long time viewers of the iconic cooking show – and you can bet we’re going to saviour every moment.

Meet the new mentors

Joining Matt, Gary and George this season are three familiar faces, taking the place of Shannon Bennett to offer support in some of the competition’s stickier situations.

Guiding contestants each week in the immunity challenge as they take on a professional guest chef, will be season 1 runner-up Poh Ling Yeow, season 7 winner Billie McKay, or season 8 runner-up Matt Sinclair – all of whom are no strangers to the daunting MasterChef kitchen.

Guest Chefs galore

If MasterChef is famous for one thing, it’s for getting the biggest names in the business in to push the contestants to the limit.

With legends like Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein Claire Smyth, Yotam Ottolenghi and Heston Blumnthal all set to make appearances, expect Season 11 to go bigger than ever.

Look out for some fresh faces too – with MasterChef , you never know who you might meet in the kitchen.

Your favourite challenges are back

If it sounds like a lot is changing, not to worry – all your favourite MasterChef challenges are back for plenty of pressure cooker fun.

The Mystery Box, Invention Test, Immunity Challenge, and Pressure Test are all returning for more nail-biting tension, while unique and exciting Team Challenges will push the contestants to the limit.

With theme weeks like Sweet Week, Secrets Week and Legends Week to look forward to, its set to be a banger of a season – and a very fitting farewell to our favourite judges.

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