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Grill Barbecue beef [SUB ENG] Cambodia street food

Cambodian street food is not as famous as its counterpart Thailand. The cuisine, in general, is overshadowed by its popular neighbors Thailand and Vietnam. However, once you go deep into Cambodian cuisine, you will discover unique and amazing flavors.
Beef barbecue or grilled beef skewers are among the popular street food for Cambodians

Cambodian street food offers unique and surprising delicacies that are foreign to the eyes and stomachs of most visitors. It is not for the squeamish travelers.
That said, street food in Cambodia, from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, will give you an amazing experience, a real culinary adventure. As you dive deeper into the Khmer street food culture, you will find rare treats and wonderful delicacies.

Grill beef Cambodia street food | Cambodia street food
Grill Barbecue beef [SUB ENG] Cambodia street food

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