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Holiday Wars Season 03 Episode 04 Watch Free Online

Holiday Wars Season 03 Episode 04 Descriprion

The Ultimate Snowball Fight
With the qualifying rounds complete, six teams of masterful cake and sugar artists face off against each other for the very first time. Host Maneet Chauhan presents their challenge: Imagine the perfect way to win the ultimate snowball fight. Judges Shinmin Li and Aarti Sequeira judge the snowy battle and eliminate one team from the competition.

Holiday Wars
Holiday Wars Season 03

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Holiday Wars Show Summary

Holiday Wars was a one-hour special where it features three cake masters and a sugar artist will face off to create mind-blowing fantasy holiday displays that are as festive as they are delicious.

Three teams must compete in two jolly rounds including a snowball fight challenge where the artists must use cake and sugar to create an edible holiday design in just 45 minutes. One winning team gets a vital advantage going into the Winter Blizzard challenge where the team are tasked with developing an eye popping, masterful Christmas display made up entirely of cake and sugar. At the end of this battle, one team will jingle all the way home with a $10,000 grand prize.

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