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Kitchen Nightmares Australia S01E01 Watch Free Online

Episode description

Mumma Jo’s Diner

Colin goes to the country and finds bad attitudes and even worse food at the American diner from hell. It’s time to serve up a reality check as he tries to fix the place in just 5 days.

Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares Australia
Kitchen Nightmares Australia Season 01

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Kitchen Nightmares Australia Show Summary

Kitchen Nightmares Australia will premiere Wednesday, 12 October, on Channel Seven and 7plus.

Outspoken and award-winning Colin Fassnidge will not hold back as he serves up tough love to restaurants around Australia flirting with failure.

Visiting a different struggling restaurant each week, Fassnidge will uncover why these establishments are on the brink of collapse, before relaunching them in only five days.

On the journey to each restaurant’s relaunch, Fassnidge uses his culinary expertise to discover their inherent problems and offer solutions to put them back on their feet. From offering ways for the restaurants to improve the food they serve, to insider advice on tips to refine the way they run their kitchens and their overall business strategy, Fassnidge aims to send each owner on the way to a brighter future.

As a celebrated chef, Fassnidge has over 32 years of restaurant experience. Trained by Raymond Blanc, Fassnidge has worked alongside the original Kitchen Nightmares legend, Gordon Ramsay, and has chef-owned several awarded and critically acclaimed restaurants.

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