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Korean Food Recipe : Bulgogi [ Korean style marinated beef BBQ : 불고기] [ My Kitchen Table, IMYong]

Welcome to my Kitchen I’m Yong.
You can watch the more high-quality recipe video for Korean food, To Here.
And I’ll be uploaded every Saturday.
I’m not a chef.
I just love cook and eating and I try to make sincerity every foods and video.
Hope You enjoy watching the my recipe video.

Just live in Korea for a long time :). And have a lot of experience Korean food.
Most of the time, I bought and ate food at restaurant.
Some foods I have never cook before. but I really like learn cooking.
And have a lot of experience Korean food.
Shall we learn together and cook it?

Today recipe is ‘BulGoGi'(불고기)
You can see this
– Normal BulGoGi [불고기]
– Mushroom and BulGoGi JeonGol (Stew) [버섯/불고기전골]
– BulGoGi Sandiwich [불고기샌드위치]

I’ll cook
Very simple Korean food (or Instant food) even grandiose food,
You can watch every weeks.

If you like Korean food or want to cook it?
Would you like to cook with me?

If you have any question, write on the noticeboard. a lot 🙂
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Original of the video here

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