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MasterChef UK: The Professionals Season 16 Episode 20 Watch Free Online

MasterChef UK: The Professionals Season 16 Episode 20 Description

It’s finals week on MasterChef: The Professionals, and just three incredible chefs remain. Embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Copenhagen, Denmark, they will enter a world of gastronomy that goes beyond anything they have encountered before.

Their journey will take them to the two Michelin-starred Alchemist. Recently voted the fifth best restaurant in the world, it is run by head chef and mastermind, Rasmus Munk. Entering an old shipyard, the finalists will step into an immersive world where science, art and food collide in breathtaking fashion.

First, the finalists will attend a short masterclass to understand the ethos behind Rasmus’ unique holistic food, where dishes are called ‘impressions’ for the very reason that they each tell a story designed to elicit an emotion from the diner. Some comforting, some confronting, this is an experience for the bold and the brave. Once inspired, it’s down to the three finalists to create their own ‘impression’ for Rasmus to taste and critique. Ingredients that would normally go to waste are a mainstay here, including pig’s windpipes, cod jaw and cow’s udders. So the finalists will have to use their chef’s intuition to deliver something truly spectacular.

That’s just for starters, as the lucky three will then have the once in a lifetime opportunity to join Rasmus’ 25 strong brigade of chefs to deliver a full restaurant service. They will each be responsible for two ‘impressions’ from an epic tasting menu that stretches to 50 courses. They will have just hours to deliver food that can take years to master. Expect dumplings made out of candyfloss and screen-printing techniques used to create sweet treats. This is creativity on entirely different scale.

Today’s diners include Marcus, Monica and Gregg, who will expect their finalists to wow on every front and deliver dishes that hit Rasmus’ two Michelin star standard. The grand final is almost here, so every mouthful matters in the race to take the title.

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MasterChef UK: The Professionals Show Summary

MasterChef: The Professionals is a BBC television competitive cooking show aired on BBC Two. It is a spin-off from the main MasterChef series, for professional working chefs. Introduced in 2008, Gregg Wallace and India Fisher reprised their roles as co-judge and voiceover respectively. Michel Roux Jr., a two-Michelin-star chef, assisted, from 2009, by his sous-chef Monica Galetti. Since 2011, Sean Pertwee has taken over Fisher’s role as voiceover.

In 2014, Roux Jr left the show due to “a conflict in commercial interests”. Marcus Wareing replaced him.

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