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TEXAS STYLE Brisket in an Electric Smoker | Masterbuilt Electric Smoker smoked brisket

“You CAN’T smoke authentic TEXAS STYLE BRISKET on a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker” is what many people say, but they’re totally WRONG.

You can cook the juiciest most tender Texas Style brisket with bark that even Aaron Franklin would be proud of, and you can do it all on your electric smoker.

I’ll walk you through it, step-by-step. This is a GAME CHANGER.

My BBQ Essentials Buying Guide:
Meater+ Wireless Leave-in temperature probe (Essential for long cooks, temp alerts and temp graphs for nerding out and recording how your cooks went. It’s a game changer for BBQ):
Meater website:
Get the MEATER on Amazon:
Cheap Instant-Read Temp Probe (If you have no budget and can buy nothing else. It’s a good starter and will work for a year or two just fine. Not a replacement for a leave-in probe):
Marinade Injector (needed to inject brisket, pork, turkey etc. to retain moisture and add flavor):
Tongs (click click! I like the silicon ones because they don’t mess up the bark as much):
Set of Good BBQ Knives:
Bread Knife (Your workhorse for slicing brisket):
Cutting board (get a big one with juice channels, trust me):
Cotton and black nitrile gloves (use them both for heat + liquid protection):
Heavy duty rubber gloves (When you get sick of throwing out all your disposable gloves):
Reynolds Wrap Pitmasters Choice Aluminum Foil (for wrapping):
Butcher paper (also for wrapping):
Wood chunks (for the Oklahoma Joe’s, Weber Kettle, WSM etc.):
Wood chips (for electric smokers):
Pellets (for pellet grills):

Brisket Time/Temp Guide

75 min/lb @225 wrapped in foil at 165 (Source:,and%2015%20minutes%20per%20pound.)

45-75 min/lb @250 wrapped in foil at 165 (

75 min/lb @250 unwrapped the entire cook (Source:

60 min/lb @250 wrapped after 6 hours in butcher paper (Source:

30 min/lb @300 wrapped in foil after 3 hours (Source:

Original of the video here

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