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Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe | Pan Grilled Chicken

Easy Grilled Chicken | Pan Grilled Chicken Recipe
Learn how to make tasty Grilled Chicken in minutes. This is probably the easiest recipe that you will find for making Pan Grilled Chicken

Ingredients List:
1: 500g Chicken Breasts – Equal sized, equal thickness
2: Vegetable Oil – 5 tbsp
3: Salt and Coarse Chilli Powder
4: Ball Pepper Slices
5: Sliced Lemon

Preparation and Process:
1: Season the chicken with Salt and Coarse Chilli Powder. Keep this aside for 30 mins.
2: Heat some oil in a grill pan. Reduce the heat to low.
3: Add the seasoned chicken pieces and sliced Ball pepper. Fry each side undisturbed for 4mins.
4: Add a dab of butter on each piece after the first flip to keep the chicken juicy.
5: After 8 minutes or when the internal temperature of chicken reaches 165°F, your chicken should be done.

Serve the grilled chicken with a slice of Lemon.

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