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Grill chicken shawarma||Chicken shawarma pockets restaurant style|GlobalFood????

Today I’m making restaurant style easy shawarma. You can make it as a shawarma roll as well as, shawarma pockets. As you can see from our shawarma pita bread video, you can make pockets out of the pita.



Tahini Recipe:

2 Shawarma Sauces Recipe:

Pita Bread Recipe:

Pita Bread pickle garlic sauce
Grilled chicken shawarma with tahini sauce
Chicken shawarma & sauce
Homemade chicken shawarma platter
Pakistani Shawarma
Shawarma from The Avengers
Homemade bread
Karachi ka mashoor shawarma
Restaurant style Chicken Shawarma Recipe
Arabic Shawarma Recipe
Restaurant style Arabic Shawarma

Original of the video here

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