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Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Tahina Paste and Garlic Paste / Homemade Shawarma with Arabic Bread

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Hi Friends,
Grilled Chicken Shawarma is the most tempting and the delicious recipe ever tried.
It is done in four simple steps with few easy ingredients.
Step 1: Prepare Tahina Paste
Step 2: Prepare Garlic Paste
Please check my video on Garlic paste for detailed description:

Note : If the garlic paste is watery add some thick curd and mix it to make it thick.
Step 3: Prepare Shawarma Salad
Step 4: Grill the chicken .
Step 5: Start plating in three different Types:
Type 1: Pita Bread Pockets.
Type 2: Flat Bread Platters.
Type 3 : Arabic Bread Rolls.

Pls check out the video and watch it till the end.
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Happy Cooking !!

Original of the video here

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