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Video Transcription

it’s not in the kitchen I’m in thekitchen it’s mine in the kitchen not inthe kitchenwhat we’re hoping in the pots of acertain break bitches is not in thekitchen I’m in the kitchenyeah it’s mama in the kitchen whippingup the dishes you already know it allI’m not a rapper no oh okay bye guyswhat’s up everybody and welcome toanother episode of my in the kitchenclick meals edition with your girl LexiLexi Poe we don’t cook something veryscrumptious tonight so make sure youstay tuned why we whipping it up what’sup everybody so be back so today we’regonna be cooking grilled chicken breastsandwiches home made grilled chickenbreast sandwich cheese homemade frenchfries y’all it’s always better if youhom make it I’m going a little bitty ona diet so on I’m not really drinkingsodas and eating fried foods orprocessed food so I’m learning more andmore on how to cook different stuff andmake it better and make it decadent solet me tell you other stuff you don’tneed garlic powder onion powder parsleyflakes ground black pepper completeseasoning Memphis barbecue seasoning youdo not need this type of barbecue seasonyou can use any barbecue seasoningroasted garlic and herb paprika groundred pepper crushed red pepper flakesminced garlic evo oh you don’t need yourchicken breasts I’m only using twochicken breasts but if you usually cutthem in half the long wayit’ll make you four sandwiches so that’sreally good therefore my potatoes Ialready start to peel my potatoes andI’m gonna show you how we’re gonna slicethese up we’re gonna slice them up we’regonna use all these same seasons for thechicken that we’re gonna use for ourfrench fries so it’s like it’s like atwo-for-one combo y’all now when itcomes to your cheese I’m using slicedbaby Swiss cheese I don’t like anythingany cheese to really overpower thesandwich usually I use pepper jackcheese and it just gives it a loving butI hadso this is what i’m using i’m using thisyou can use any cheese you want to useright hold on y’all I got my lettuce I’mgonna put that on my chicken sandwichand these only Tomatoes I hate Alexishow do you want to put grape tomatoes onthe chicken sandwichmind your business okay you cut the sameway a regular tomato cut right right sothat means we’re gonna cut it out andwe’re just gonna lay it on the bread ohspeaking of the brain here we go I gotthese from Kroger you can get 40s for $1fold for down fold for dollar and soanyways oh you can get them at Walmartso $4 same thing goes for down somethinglike that so we don’t get the cookingwe’re gonna season I mean I’m afraid outhow to do everything and we’ll be rightback okay y’all a little head if youtake a piece of paper towel just talkabout this being right fold it in halfand we’re gonna wet it when we with youjust like that and then do a little ringjust so tiny bit of rain turn your wateroff and come back over and you lay thisunder your cutting board look at thislook at this before right look at thedoctor a little hatdon’t sign Yelp alright y’all so I gotmy potato and I’m just gonna peel itjust like thisnow how many of y’all dumb papillae gotpotato and I mean y’all be just aboutdone with filling it and y’all drop thewhole potato in the trashcan don’t thinkgonna make you mad you are me you’ll befeeling me good oh did you just drop thewhole thing in the trash so I wanted tohold on to mine a little tight all rightand so wo me just about after we get uphilling it heal your bowl the way yourother two then just give it a littlerinse just like this and yeah I havealready got my pan ready and I just puta sheet on a parchment pick one y’alldon’t use foil if you have well I meanuse itmake sure you give it on a nice coatwithout oil first or like we own cookingspray so just do that first and whatwe’re gonna do 1 cup 2 potatoes andwe’re gonna put them on here so let meshow you how you do this cut the potatoin half so just like this right let meshow youyeah I see that cutting hair just likethat and what I like to do I’ll just putthem on there I put in my water cuz youknow that like then little white stuff Idon’t know what it’s called there’d bein between potatoes I didn’t really likethat so I put it in my water they kindof get that stuff off of there and thenthere you go so I’m gonna cut the restof these up stay tunedoh hey y’all you see we chopped the partof potatoes just like this any see arethose the Foley things in there we’reabout to strain it and we’re gonna rinseit off just like this nothing all inyour strainer and you see that y’allready Tonyyou gonna dump it back up in the ballI have seasoned them I think a lot ofpeople season and they say I just can’tdo thatI just wasn’t built that way baby so weput it back up in the boat and now we’reabout to season it okay y’all maybe Itold you that you can use all the sameseasonings for your fries and the sameyou gonna use for your chicken breasthe’ll be the list our seasoning are youpowdered put as much or as little as youwantand y’all know I don’t measure if I hadto get our roundabout I was saying maybeabout a teaspoon of everything and ofcourse if you don’t have more friendsyou gonna use more seasoning so maybeyou want to like maybe like a half oflike a five-pound bag or some like thatI would say maybe do like a little bitunder a tablespoon complete that wasblack pepper y’all and of course myparsley the ground red pepper I’mputting that on there yeah I’m not likethat make it a little spicy paprikay’all for the color give it some colorthe roasted garlic and Earthokay crushed red-pepper the barbecueseasoningokay now and Dean you gonna put someextra virgin olive oil this is gonnahelp it not stick okay and I forget onething let me see if I can get my god weknow what I was thinking I’m a Nazithe salt goes soft so put some of thaton there and then you’re going to justget in that y’all get in and just mix itup just like this if in the fuckingmiddle of it well season it to you put alittle bit no but hold it both in thereyou goain’t gonna hurt nobody to put a littleseasoning seasoning there’s something noI’m telling y’all and y’all facilitieslet me show you another buddy Oh Ohy’all see thatI’m put a little bit more offseason sothat’s a tad bit mo there’s a sprinklesdown with thoughmix it uphere we go come on on the other one justlay out on our parchment paper y’allgotta lay them out in no specific waynow hope why we doing thisy’all already got y’all a brittle talentgetting ready I hope y’all do cuz wesupposed to be getting the grid alreadyand so we to do our chicken breasts nextDeason go ahead and put in the ovenalready preheated my oven to 375 ify’all got something just like say forexample if you gonna go for some lunchyou can just put your other on the lowertemperature so you make sure you uh yourfriends don’t burn up you know I’mseriousAlexis they not gonna burn look I’mgonna put your business out there I’mnot gonna put it out this now see howthey look you just lay them out on theirnose with no particular way just putthem on there and then it’s time to putthem in the oven maybe go threw up inthere for like 15 minutes 15 I say 15 20minutes on 375 then we’re gonna comeback into the chicken breast all rightyeah so now we got our chicken breastsy’all see that think this is gonna turnto all the way up and actually how thickthat is we’re gonna trim some of thatfat off but that’s really thick chickenbreast that’s okay you just laid on yourcutting board so I like to trimsomething like that off just like thisy’all this knife is mad this is cookcook works I love this is my this is mythis is my baby now I’m just playing offnow before it I do love this knife y’allsome that off just throw that back inthe bowl don’t throw that away in asecond shutting that fat off y’all whatI wanted we already got enough fat nohow did you feel me do you feel meso we terminate terminada fat yeah thiswe do we just place our hand on it justlike that bring it to you what you thinkit’s kind of like Center so you can lookover there little fella huh cut that upwait to get center right here so you seethat way these things are kind of thesame and you just hold it flatmake sure you keep your thumb up y’alljust like this y’all and now you got twobirds so I’m gonna cut the other one upand then we gonna come back to season itokay y’all so it’s kind of season ourchicken before you season your chickenmake sure you go and wash your hands Icannot mess with chicken I didn’t go ontouch my seasons I just can’t do that Ihave a thing where I have to keep myhands clean at all times so before youeven start to do any of this turn andyou using one of these if you got myknees turn your I’ll just put it on forput both of them on for right cuz it’slike a double cooker where this eyeslook Amanda asks cooking so here we gonow it’s time to season our meatcomplete seasoning okay what’s thispaprika paprika yeah your barbecueseasoning ground black pepperCarson face you open up the big sides Ilike to see those big old flakes okayonion powder I’m telling y’all perms Ihope these meals be a blessing cigarI’m learning to eat differently and so Ihope that when I’m gonna make the excuseme I’m able to teach you all excuse methis is garlic powder yeah I’ll go outlook are we I think everybody nervous Ididn’tthat’s Toni on the camera again y’allcrushed red-pepper y’all roasted garlicinert sound no salt then we got mincedgarlic and you just it ain’t that muchin there but if you had to I use a spoonI will say user buy another one so wegonna mix this up y’all at the end wellI don’t go for a week before I leave youbefore I leave you for one second let meshow you grab your Easi oh oh and you’relate on your grill just like this nottoo much and I don’t know y’all gotmoney some people call them like a grillbrush a marinade brush but you justgonna spread it spread this spray theirbabies spread it so let’s cover yourgrill completely evenly covered it herewe goand sometimes even some I’m gonna eversee a little bitty pocket right heresomething I even put a little bit in mypocket so if I’m coming in the middleand I need to kneel them on oilI just different my little pocket andput it on there but you go ahead andspray the grill so your oil is gettinghot on there and then let’s go aheadwhile we got it let’s mix up our meatsometimes y’all once you mix your meyuuma sometime if you a cook cook youjust know you need some more seasoningyou just can’t see you just know youneed some more seasoning I think I’mgonna cook like that well I just know itdoes that the aromas don’t be they don’tbe marinating together in the atmospherehodgins me no uh-uh I need some moreseasoned right and I’m able to do itfrom it’s so funny I’m able to watchother people cook and just by watchingthem be like that ain’t right that itgonna be right it’s bigger so now Idon’t move y’all right there to do youknow what I got an actual questionhave y’all subscribed yet uh y’all toldme y’all be down with me have y’allsubscribed yet have y’all like to havey’all share to me it’s only a buttony’all if y’all like it share it letother people know what’s going overother people know yo big girl is cookingthe meals I’m cooking the meals fory’all I ain’t cooking nothin back ain’tcooking up there ain’t no sex thehealthiest but I’m little I’m changingmy life let me help y’all change y’allyou feel me I’ve seen the video ontick-tock y’all a video on tick-tock andthis guy he made some on some biscuitsand gravy right he’s not only that hefrightens biscuits he fried his biscuitshe made his gravy with his sausage andthen he put Cheetos like hot cheetos andcheese on top if y’all seen this ticktock let me know what I was like hetrying to kill somebody but that’s whathe likes so but I’m just trying to youknow eat differently so I can livedifferently if you do different thingsyou will have a different outcomeso so far y’all I lost I said big like10 to 15 pounds and so I’m just tryingI’m not trying to be skinny because youfeel me I I love being a big girl I’mjust trying to get down to a healthierweight you know what I’m saying and Iparked almost it just me but sometimesyou look at your belly you like wherewas I when you was getting this babywhen was I when you was growing likethis rightthat’s what have you just look up inyour belly just step and you just likeuse having midnight snacks around mebecause I remember he growing that bebut that’s when you notice it once younotice it it’s time to change but I’mgonna come back I’m gonna show you Ihave gonna lay the chicken on the grillit’s getting real hot dog I’m gonna showyou how to lay the chicken on the grillokay y’all so real quick before we putour chicken on the grill it’s how webeen about 10 minutes we’re gonna checkour fries let’s check y’all so here wego a little bit go check on just alittle bit more y’all see hands goingstraight through look at that a littlebit mo see that y’all a little bit morejust a little bit mo then we’re gonnacheck them out so here we go let’s putour chicken on the grill what the grillis hot is ready y’all ready y’all ain’tready I’m ready I’m not ready so here wego chicken breast number one I promiseI’m gonna start selling these and I doanother one y’all like I said I reallyhave him to eat it fried foods and stufflike that I do another oneit’s the Ummah of its rise chickenbreast and I’m making my own arm likebatter in everything for it y’all in st.but these are Ruby right they both lookgood honeyyeah they’re both doing as y’all makethese i Function you’re not gonna paperno she can’t tell with no milk you knowyou can make it like see this you gonnapay for no more they got one more breathinin the world TV just like a large cooky’all I’m we’ll come back when it’shalfway done and show y’all how to flipokay so y’all we don’t wash to ourgriddle off see we watched a griddle offand we flipped it over to the other sideI’m no bomb this is a double-sided grillone side is flat where you can make likepancakes bacon and stuff like that andthe other side is like a grill grillinglike I said it is a stove time so I saidwe cleaned off my griddleright now we’re heating it up to let theair bubbles get out oh wait a chickenbreasts we put the chicken breast in theoven just to finish them up sometimes umthe outside to be done it would beperfectly done but in the inside won’tbe doing so just put it up in the ovenfor a little bit I just I kept my ovenon 375 so maybe like 10 minutes or 5minutes on 375 it’s like the internalsgo ahead and cook all the way throughyou don’t want to eat a raw honey yeahso like I said waiting for all the airbubbles to get out um off of the griddleof then we’re gonna cut our bread andwe’re gonna grill I breathe we’ll beright back bread nightbrave go to what you think the senatorBrady’sand cut cut the whole thing your hairwith your life flash before your eyesthere you go is cut in half y’all andjust do that to all the braids thatyou’re gonna make get you somebody arereal butter not Martha open your butt upyou ain’t gonna cut a little slice ofnothing like that just open your butterlike there’s some open it what the headis exposed either side no matter andthat’s what we gonna do watch this see Iriddled there’s no air bubbles on it nomore we’re gonna just butter our griddley’all can’t see butter our griddle justlike this is buttered enough but yourbutter to side oh yeah we got our breadsee that put the bread on there put thebread on that put put the bread on thatput so we’re grabbing our library and weputting it on the griddle and we let notbread toast so here we go this way andwe’ll be back when it’s done we put inthe sandwich in there y’all see how tobring it look they dieokay y’all it’s time to assemble yonsandwich I’ve got real mailI have Dijon mustard I got my cheesehow much y’all want y’all I got mycheese my Swiss cheese I got my uh mygrape tomatoes already cut them up mylettuce romaine lettuceI have huggy in two different types ofonions I have the purple onions and Ihave the sweet yellow eye so I put mybail my brain put a little bit ofmustard yeah I don’t put too much thisorganic mustard I bought that backtonight anywaydon’t put too much must have got a lotof sodium in it yeah don’t put too muchso help me God we already got it deaddown there I’m very ready we’re gonnagrab a chicken breast from right hereOh chicken breast I like mine a littlecrispy so I cook them a little bitlonger yeah I don’t like to know of notreatment for Mama Jesus I don’t like notruly chicken now and sometimes if youcook too chicken right to thetemperature supposed to cooking it itstill be a little bit truth so then wego put our cheese on there our lettucenow you probably wondering how am Igonna give my tomatoes to steak rightand not just fall I’m gonna stick up inmy mail I like tomatoes so I’ll stickthem in my mail right there as many as Iwantwe will add my onionsright here just like thatmake sure you press those down good andthen flip it on top just like that andthat’s a chicken sandwich baby mama yeahbaby we got a problemwhat’s the wrong the everybody say I’msaying like it then common Dan subscribeit they even share the video so give mea blessing somebody else they keep therecipes all – they sell what now that’sthe call this one okay but what you’regonna do about that doughoh that’s out man who are you callingghostbusters let’s go no they got a busa mom

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