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Juicy Chicken Drumsticks // Testy Spicy tiqa Drumstick //Chatpati Spicy Chicken Leg

Chicken drumsticks /Spicy chicken bDrumsticks /chicken fry recipe
/Grilled chicken Durmsticks / tiqa Durmsticks recipe

chicken tiqa drumstick recipe
spicy chatpati leg chicken recipe
How to make spicy caremy drumstick recipe

Ingredients for chicken Drumsticks Fry

Chicken Drumsticks (around7’8)500gram
yogurt haf cup
crean hsf cup
lamon jose 6 chamach
solt testacoding
red chili 1 tespon
oil 5 chammach
zera 1 tespon
gram masla 1 tespoon
tiqa masla 3 chammsch
Ginger Gsrlic paste 3 chammach
corisnder poedar 1tsp

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