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Making grilled chicken ?

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Video Transcription

as macabre and finally back in the realtoday in this video I’m gonna be makingsome grilled chicken so we’re gonna begetting some zest we’re gonna be makingsome zest and so yeah I’m gonna go cutsome rosemary and grab some lemon andsome oranges right let’s do thisnice looks pretty nice all right let’stake it up I take down one then they gocutright here right hold up gonna make somezestokayall right we’ll time-lapsesyouright guys so when I hit 50,000subscribers I will show you my keyingredient to this chicken but till thenno no no but I will show you the oneseasoning newsguys the it was onion powder that we usefor it but I’m not telling you thesecret ingredient never until we get50,000 subscribers right right guyswe’re gonna be making some steaks todaytoo but you guys already know how tomake those I showed you in the othervideo if you want to make some steakstoday go check out the other t-bonesteak video um but today we’re justgonna make these these chickens overhere it’s gonna be pretty goodI put a lot of me guys or should I justput a little bitright guys I think that is enoughwhatever you guys think so tell me inthe comments what do you think this isenough for this so guys I’m feeling somesalt on here a nice little drop tell mewhat you guys think do you guys what doyou guys want me to post next should Ipost some other food videos like somemore fish what kind of videos you guyslike you guys supported me in thecommentsalright but inside this is this nowwe’re gonna warm it up for the steakbeams and yeah we’re gonna make somesteak butter but just adding zest to itNoall right guys let’s start throwing thisto Nigel alright guys so now I’m gonnabe sickyouhere we have these steaks after an hourof grilling so now I’m gonna put it backon the robot inside of this so that Ican just warm up for a little bit andcall out a bit so yeah it looks likechickens up there aren’t ready yet butyeah I’ve got some decoration on herethat’s what the little rosemary or butyeah remember subscribers

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