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Minimum Waged BBQ Chicken Wings| *Wing Stop Could Never?* |The Life Of Jrocc| Cook With Me Pt.1

Whats the deal fam, In today’s video I’m going to be cooking some Minimum Waged BBQ Chicken Wings and Fries…This was my first time ever putting fries in oil and I was lowkey scared cause Ian wanna burn the house down lmaoo, but they actually came out pretty good. If you like the cooking videos don’t forget to let me know down in the comment section below so I can run up the cooking videos if y’all rock with them. Im still having a hard time coming up with a name for.Leave some name recommendations down below also

Uploads every Monday and Friday and if I slack off y’all can attack me in the comments.

For those of the ones wondering, I edited this video in iMovie on a Mac)
Minimum Waged BBQ Chicken Wings| *Wing Stop Could Never?* |The Life Of Jrocc| Cook With Me Pt.1
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