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Peri Peri chicken recipe to grill at Home with Nandos sauce

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Recipe by chef bobby geetha

This amazing recipe is replication of Nandos #periperichicken . Here we are using poaching method to cook the chicken leg.


To poach chicken leg
Chicken leg – 3 nos (curing in salt for 30 mins optional)
Water – 1 litre
Chicken stock cubes – 2 cubes
Chilli flakes – 3 gm / ¼ Tspn
Spring onions – 2 stems

For marinade
Chilli flakes – 3 gm / ¼ Tspn
Olive oil – 15 gm / 1 Tbspn
Soya sauce – 30 gm / 2 Tbspn

For plating
Grilled spring onions – 2 stems
Nandos peri peri sauce – 15 gm / 1 Tbspn


To poach chicken leg
• Score chicken leg using knife and keep.
• In a pan pour water and allow it to boil.
• Add chicken stock cubes and chilli flakes.
• Now put chicken leg in to the boiling water and reduce the flame to very low.
• Allow to cook the chicken in a low flame (98 c) for 15 minutes (with out covering the pan).
• Now put spring onion in to the pan along with the chicken and switch off the flame.
• Take out the spring onion from the water after 2 minutes and keep it aside.
• Allow chicken to cool down in the pan in stock water itself. By doing this the chicken will get more juicy and flavourful.

To grill chicken
• Make marinade with chilli flakes, olive oil and soya sauce.
• Apply marinade to cooked chicken and to spring onions.
• Pre-heat the grilling pan, when the pan is hot grill chicken on skin side first for 2 minutes until the chicken gets nice grill colour.
• Repeat same on other side of the chicken.
• Before removing chicken from the pan spread Nandos peri peri sauce on top of the chicken.
• After doing this remove chicken from the grill pan and ready to plate.
• Also put spring onion in to the pan to grill.
• Leave it for 40 seconds and remove the spring onion from the pan and keep it aside for garnish.

For plating
• Place chicken in a serving plate and put grilled spring onions on top.
• Pour some #Nandos #periperi sauce on the side and serve.

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