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Smokey Deep Fried Chicken Wings

This has to be one of the most mind blow-in way to cook the perfect chicken wing. BBQJoes’ Troy will show you how he put his Smokey Deep Fried Chicken Wings on the menu. These were absolutely incredible with the smokey taste and deep fried crispy skin and juicy interior. Wow wow wow. That’s all we can say about this one. Here is how he did it 00:00


• ¼ cup white sugar
• ¼ cup salt
• 4 cups of cold water

• Add both the salt and sugar to the cold water and mix until all granules are dissolved
• Add chicken wings to brine and put in refrigerator for 6 – 12 hours 00:35

• Frank’s Red Hot Seasoning 00:44

• After chicken wings have finished brining drain them and pat them dry with paper towels
• Add chicken wings to medium size bowl
• Sprinkle with Frank’s Red Hot Seasoning and mix them well to make sure that wings are lightly covered with the seasoning

• Start your Traeger on smoke and add your wings to the grill and smoke for 1 hour flipping them halfway 01:08
• Prepare your deep fryer and set oil temperature to 350ºF 01:25
• After an hour remove from grill and drop them into the hot oil. 01:48
• Cook them in the oil until they are nice and golden brown with an internal temp of 165ºF occasionally mixing them around so that they don’t stick to the bottom of the strainer

• They are now ready to eat and if you like them this, way go ahead and enjoy. In this video we tossed them around with our good ole Jack Daniel BBQ Sauce (see how to make video here: So this is to your liking but 02:46


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