BBQ Pork Recipes

[#4] -Shogayaki (Ginger Grilled Pork) 生姜焼き – KiKi’s Japanese Kitchen

– Pork loin 400g
– Potato starch
– Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
– Salt and pepper
– Sake 1 tablespoon
– Mirin 2 tablespoons
– Suger 1 teaspoon
– Soysauce 2 tablespoons
– Ginger 1 tablespoons

Step 1
Score the meat with the knife
*You can also cut the muscle of the meat to prevent shrinking.

Step 2
Add Salt and pepper, and Sake
Rub the potato starch on the pork

Step 3
Add the vegetable oil to the pan and start grilling the pork
*Use medium heat

Step 4
Turn the pork over and wait until both sides of pork are cooked well and are brown
*If you use the thinner pork, you can add the sauce once you cook one side

Step 5
Add the sauce into the pan and wait for 1 min

Step 6
Turn the pork over and wait for 30 seconds

*Use the sauce to add to the rice or cabbage
*You can use different size of the pork
*Potato starch makes the pork softer texture and thicker taste.

Original of the video here

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