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Day-in-the-life: Dinner. How to make sous vide pork chops, tamarind seasoned.

I did something a little different! I usually make edit-heavy videos. Well, I thought maybe you might enjoy a minimalist aesthetic with the ambient sounds of dinner being made rather than something highly edited. This was inspired by videos where there is a minimum of music, transitions, movement, etc. I love them, hearing the sounds, seeing real life. I understand this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it!

I’ve always like videos that have give you a feel for what a place/situation really feels like. So I hope this feels like a day-in-the-life sort of thing. This was a normal, everyday dinner at my house. Stick around for the end. 😉

I made pork chops with a tamarind seasoning using the sous vide machine and sear on my grill. It’s a sour, tangy taste. Along with the pork being perfectly tender, this was an easy, great tasting meal on a summer night. Served with rice.

I take the pork straight from the freezer to the sous vide machine (just add 30 minutes to normal cook time) then sear. It really makes for a tender, perfect cut of meat. No guesswork, perfect temperature, and it cooks while I work.

Serve with white rice and veggies. My wife likes pork chops with a Datu Puti vinegar+garlic, which is a lighter vinegar from the Philippines, that can be found in asian markets or a some regular grocery stores.

Pork Chops (works with other cuts too)
Tamarind seasoning packet

Sous vide:
140 degrees F
1 hour (add 30 minutes if frozen)
Sear to desired doneness

Original of the video here

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