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My Kitchen Rules New Zealand Season 06 Episode 10 Watch Free Online

Episode Summary

Season Finale

It’s the MKR Grand Final. Our two finalists are tasked with producing a 4-course menu at The Grounds Restaurant for family, friends and special VIP guest judges.

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My Kitchen Rules Show Summary

My Kitchen Rules New Zealand (MKR NZ) is a captivating reality show based on the popular Australian television series My Kitchen Rules. The New Zealand version premiered on TV1 on August 24, 2014. Here are some key details about the show:

  • Format: MKR NZ features teams of two contestants with pre-existing relationships competing against each other. Their challenge is to transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant for one pressure-cooker night. Each team serves a three-course dinner—entrée, main, and dessert—to the judges and opposing teams.
  • Judges: Over the seasons, the judging panel has included renowned chefs and hosts such as Pete EvansManu FeildelBen BaylyGareth Stewart, and others.
  • Seasons: MKR NZ has had five seasons so far, with contestants from various regions across New Zealand.
  • Prize: The winning team receives a prize of NZ$100,000.

The show combines culinary creativity, intense challenges, and the thrill of transforming homes into instant restaurants. Whether it’s a mouthwatering entrée or a delectable dessert, MKR NZ keeps viewers engaged with its delicious offerings!

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