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Stuffed BBQ Belly of Pork on the Weber Rotisserie

This is Andy’s recipe for Stuffed Pork Belly, roasted on the Weber BBQ Rotisserie and stuffed with prunes and wild garlic. If wild garlic is not available, you can use red onions (which have been gently sauteed) instead and they caramelise beautifully. This BBQ pork is a crowd pleaser and show stopper, all in one.


Juniper & Pepper spice blend recipe:

The equipment we use:
Weber 57cm Kettle BBQ

Weber Standard Chimney Starter

Weber BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Weber Rotisserie. At time of writing, Weber Rotisserie Sets are unavailable. If you’re in the market for a rotisserie for your Weber, Only Fire make a similar Weber compatible one. It costs less and has the 4 pronged forks already included. Based on our experience of the Only Fire Pizza Oven which we use to convert our Weber into a pizza oven, this seems like a great buy.
It’s here
And the Only Fire Pizza Oven conversion set is here

4 pronged forks for the BBQ Rotisserie (the Weber comes with 2 prong as standard, we prefer 4 prongs for a joint of this size)

Butcher’s string

Weber BBQ gloves

Weber Meat Temperature Probe

Pestle & Mortar

BBQ foil trays (we re-use these again and again, they stop flame explosions as the fat drips plus they make cleaning up afterwards a breeze)

Oil spray bottle

Davies & Son Family Butchers in Horam:

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