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Cooking With Corner Point by Jessica O’Donnel – BBQ Sauce

Jessica makes her famous BBQ sauce using CornerPoint Beer

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone and welcome to episode 3 ofcooking with corner point today is kindof an exciting day it’s gonna be a bigreveal people are gonna be astonishedthat I actually shared this recipe butI’m doing it in hopes that you all go tocorner point and pick up your beer todaycurbside they’re open 12:00 to 6:00 youhave no excuses and starting tomorrowthey’re going to be doing delivery inthe Berwick North Fork and South Berwickin Lebanon areas so you don’t even needto leave your house you have no excusenot to buy some corner point beer sowith that I’m going to say get your pensand paper ready oh wait[Music]alright now you got your pens and papermy friends JamieEric Steve Julia Jeremy and everyoneelse I’m gonna show you how to make mysecret barbecue sauce with corner pointbeer so let’s begin today I actuallyshows television Chuck and I’ll tell youthis would be the first time that it’smade the barbecue sauce with this beerI’ve made it with done the hash brownand Old Town coffee and it was all fineso I’m looking forward to trying to saywith Tularosa so wish me luck and Cheersso first of all you’re gonna start offwith this 64 ounce container of ketchupI’ve already put it in the pan so thatyou don’t have to listen to me make theweird Burpee Friday songs and we’regoing to try the heat probably to a goodmedium medium-low because you don’t wantit to bubble everywhere now well itlooks like I have a lot of ingredientsand yes I dothey’re super easy you can do this anytime but it makes a large quantity alsodon’t throw this away because at the endyou have a Hugha little container to serve yourbarbecue sauce out of so first off we’regoing to start with the basics twotablespoons of pepper a tablespoon ofsalt you don’t want too much saltbecause remember the ketchup alreadycontains some salt I don’t want to beall bloated after eating my barbecuesauce we’re gonna do a tablespoon ofgarlic powder a tablespoon of onionpowder 1/3 cup brown sugar stronglypacked we’re going to do two tablespoonsof apple cider vinegar and here comesthe fun ingredients we’re going to do athird of a cup of maple syrup you canalso substitute the maple syrup if youdon’t have it um with molasses that alsoworks well because I’ve done that acouple times so I’m going to do about athird of a cup and this is going to adda lot of sweetness to the barbecue saucebut it’s also going to help your meatsBrown when you’re grilling it becausethe sugars and they will start tocaramelize so when you do grill with thebarbecue sauce make sure to add maybejust a little bit extra oil to your yourgrill or your indoor grill or even yourfrying pan so we’re also going to addhot sauce you can add whatever hot sauceyou want um you can do Tabasco sauce youcan do Louisiana Hot Sauce shout-out toKrystal cuz I absolutely love that stuffbut um what I find works best in thisbarbecue sauce is a piece moonshinemadness you can’t buy it in the storeI’ve seen it in some specialty hot saucestores but you can’t buy it on Amazonusually where I order it from it saysit’s so hot you’ll go blind but I cantell you I eat it on hot dogs and pizzaI haven’t gone blind I only have glassescuz I’m getting oldnot from the moonshine madness but itdoes contain bourbon which I thinkreally complements the beer and thesweetness in this so you don’t want alot but I’m gonna put probably a goodtwo tablespoons of it with that I’mgoing to do a couple dashes ofWorcestershire sauce just to bring inyou know a little depth of flavor bringout a little bit of a beefy smoky flavorand then two tablespoons of Dijonmustard and of course we can’t forgetit’s going to take 24 ounces of beersince corner point sells their beer in16-ounce cans you have a can and a halfor you can do 24 ounces you’ll have alittle leftover if you got a hablar sogo ahead and add that in now the totallywants to chuck the reason why I chose itit’s because it’s a milk stout nice andthick but it also has the sweetness ofmaple syrup in it from bogden farms herein Berwick shout out to them and it alsohas some roasted pecans which willoffset the maple syrup that I have inhere as well so just a second when youpour beer it’s a little foamy I don’tknow if you all knew thatthey’re just a little left for thecameraman all right so this well cookdown um I’d say at this point bring itup just a little bit to medium and letit simmer on your stovetop for about 30to 40 minutes depending on how thick youwant it I like my barbecue sauce alittle looser so I tend to let it boildown and reduce for about 20 minutessome people like it a little thicker sowho I head and do the you know up to 40or 45 minutes um but I would keep it ona medium medium low heat though becauseof the sugars in the barbecue sauce theywill really start to stick to the bottomof your pan if you don’t stir it everynow and then so there you have it folksthere’s the beloved barbecue sauce somepeople you know say that they like todrink it straight out of the containerand you know that’s fine if that’s yourpreference but you know I love to put iton chicken wings I put it um onmeatballs I’ve topped meatloaf with ithamburgers you name that anything youcan put barbecue sauce on this will workso I implore my friends who know andlove my barbecue sauce to go out and buysome corner point today and like I saidI’ve done it with just about all oftheir beers it works in every single oneso I hope everyone has a great fantasticrest of the day enjoy your barbecuesauce in to my friends who’ve had ityou’re welcomebut everyone please go out support yourlocal brewer fill a couple hollers getsome beer and I’ll see you all tomorrowhave a great day[Music]

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