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Ep. 447: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings | How To Make Honey BBQ Wings | Super Bowl/GameDay Recipes ?

Hello and Happy Super Bowl my Friends and Welcome to my Southern Kitchen,

Hope all of you are doing well, staying Safe and Healthy!!!

You can’t have a Super Bowl Party without Good ol Chicken Wings, so today’s Recipe I am making my favorite flavor Wings of all time, Honey BBQ Chicken Wings!!!

Tender, Juicy, coated in a flavorful Honey BBQ Sauce and the best part, these are Baked not Fried; everyone will enjoy these and it will be a hit at your Super Bowl Party or any Gathering.

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17-20 frozen or fresh chicken wings (if using frozen, do not thawed)
1 cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp table or kosher salt
1 tsp white or black pepper
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp parsley flakes
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp white sugar

Honey BBQ Sauce

1 cup original or hickory smoke bbq sauce
1/2 cup honey
2 tbsp ketchup
2 tbsp hot sauce
4 tbsp (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Ranch Dressing, for serving
Parsley flakes, for garnish (optional)

Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees

Grease a 9×13 inch long cookie sheet with cooking spray and line with aluminum foil (optional). Set aside.

In a large bowl, add flour, cornstarch and spices; whisk or stir until well combined. Coat the frozen wings into the flour mixture then place them onto the prepared pan. Bake for 45 minutes then flip them halfway through baking. After 45 minutes, remove the wings from the oven then coat them into the honey bbq sauce and then place them back into the pan and continue baking for an additional 15 minutes until the sauce is bubbling and caramelized. Remove the wings from the oven and cool on a wire rack for 10-15 minutes. Place the wings onto a serving pan, serve with ranch dressing, sprinkle with parsley flakes (if using) and enjoy.

For the Honey BBQ Sauce: In a large bowl, add bbq sauce, honey, ketchup, hot sauce, melted butter, onion and garlic powder; stir until well incorporated.

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