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Battle on the Bayou

Michael Symon heads to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, for the exciting 3rd Annual Operation Smoke Sheaux, where over 60 teams compete for a share of the $10,000 total payout. It’s an intense battle featuring chicken, spare ribs and brisket categories, along with a mouthwatering gumbo cook off. From the smoky flavors to the friendly rivalry, Operation Smoke Sheaux is the ultimate showdown for southern pitmasters.

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BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Show Summary

BBQ USA is a show that follows chef and restaurateur Michael Symon as he travels to barbecue competitions around the country and explores the art and culture of barbecue. He meets with barbecue fans, cooks, experts and pitmasters and tastes their delicious creations. He also learns about the history, techniques and traditions of different regional styles of barbecue. The show showcases the diversity and passion of barbecue in the United States.

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