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Casino Royale: Battle 3
Roll the dice and change your fate! In this third battle of the Casino Royale tournament, the chefs can gamble to get lucky or unlucky replacement basket ingredients, and the appetizer basket reveals a notoriously challenging ingredient. Will everyone opt to swap it out? In round two, the chefs are second guessing their choices when they have bad luck with an ingredient. Then, the remaining two chefs in the final round decide to take a chance by baking something. The winner of this battle scores a seat in the Casino Royale finale!

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Chopped Show Summary

Chopped is a cooking competition show that is all about skill, speed and ingenuity. Each week, four chefs compete before a panel of expert judges and turn baskets of mystery ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. Course by course, the chefs will be “chopped” from the competition until only one winner remains. The challenge? They have seconds to plan and 30 minutes to cook an amazing course with the basket of mystery ingredients given to them moments before the clock starts ticking! And the pressure doesn’t stop there. Once they’ve completed their dish, they’ve got to survive the Chopping Block where our three judges are waiting to be wowed and not shy about voicing their culinary criticisms! Our host, Ted Allen, leads this high-energy, high-pressure show that will have viewers rooting for a winner and cheering for the losers. Chopped is a game of passion, expertise and skill — and in the end, only one chef will survive the Chopping Block. Who will make the cut? The answer is on Chopped!

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