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Guys Chance of a Lifetime Season 01 Episode 03 Descriprion

Graduation in the Air at Chicken Guy! University
The six candidates continue their training, enrolling in Chicken Guy! University to master all aspects of the menu and how to create it in the kitchen. Day 1 of training is exhausting and emotional. Guy Fieri checks in, and candidate Phil reveals that he needs to leave for one day to save his job at home. Guy allows it, but Phil’s sudden departure and the stakes of the competition take an emotional toll on everyone. The other candidates question Phil’s choice to leave, and he returns to infighting and harsh confrontational words before the final Chicken Guy! University challenge. They each have five minutes to work the line solo and prepare three full meals to be judged for accuracy and taste. The culinary challenge threatens to push the candidates to their breaking point and stand in the way of their graduation from Chicken Guy! University.

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Guys Chance of a Lifetime Show Summary

Guy Fieri is expanding his successful restaurant empire and is searching for one talented food entrepreneur to run their own Chicken Guy! franchise on Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime, premiering on Sunday, January 2 at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network, and available a week earlier to discovery+ subscribers on Sunday, December 26. Guy was flooded with applications from all over the country and chose the seven top candidates to participate in the most intense, high stakes job interview they could ever dream of, to become the owner of the newest location of the Chicken Guy! franchise. The candidates must prove they can successfully lead every aspect of the food business, from culinary, to marketing, and to front of house hospitality. Over the course of the six hour-long episodes, there is unexpected drama and a surprising turn of events when one of the candidates breaks under the pressure. Only one will have their destiny changed forever when they win the ultimate chance of lifetime.

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