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Best old wooden handle rods for deep sea fishing

Fishing at sea requires a special selection of gear and certain skills from the angler in order to cope with marine life. But the diversity of these inhabitants makes sea fishing exciting, exciting and sometimes unpredictable. Even connoisseurs of fishing at sea are not immune from failures. A lot depends on the right gear, so we will devote this article to what fishing rods for sea fishing are and how to choose them.

Features of sea fishing

Sea fishing rods

You can dedicate your whole vacation to going out to sea for fishing, if this is really your favorite hobby. But first you need to study the marine fauna, the feeding habits of fish and how to catch them in the area where you plan to fish. The best season for sea fishing is summer, or rather, August. The weather during this month is the most stable and favorable for fishing.

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Features of fishing at sea must be studied in advance. They are as follows:

  1. Marine fish are much more active than freshwater fish, as they are constantly looking for food and trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the sea.
  2. The activity of marine life is somewhat reduced when the weather changes. At such moments, they try to hide in natural shelters and are practically not interested in bait.
  3. For the same reason, fishing in a storm is pointless. Fish stay away from the shore or go to the bottom.
  4. Under favorable conditions, bait casting should be performed as accurately and far as possible.
  5. Marine fish are much more active than freshwater fish, as they are constantly looking for food and trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the sea.
  6. The activity of marine life is somewhat reduced when the weather changes. At such moments, they try to hide in natural shelters and are practically not interested in bait.
  7. For the same reason, fishing in a storm is pointless. Fish stay away from the shore or go to the bottom.
  8. Under favorable conditions, bait casting should be performed as accurately and far as possible.

All these features confirm one fact: sea fishing is significantly different from freshwater fishing.

It should be borne in mind that in hot weather, the fish bite worse. However, there is still a chance to catch a large specimen, so you should use rods with hard rods. If you decide to fish from the shore, use artificial bait.

Sea fishing rods

What kind of fish can be caught on sea fishing

From the variety of marine fish, it is difficult to predict the planned catch in advance. A variety of fish and other sea creatures can be caught on the hook.

Most often come across:

  • fever;
  • mackerel;
  • stavrida;
  • mackerel;
  • sea ​​urchin;
  • surmullet.

Sea fishing rods

In places where rivers flow and in slightly saline waters, you can find pike, salmon, pike perch and perch.

Tackle for sea fishing

Equipment for catching sea fish resembles traditional spinning, but with a couple of features:

  • larger gear sizes;
  • resistance of equipment to corrosion from salt water;
  • Marine spinning

Spinning for catching sea fish should be chosen according to the test and the length of the rod. The length of such a fishing rod should be in the range from 1.5 to 2.5 m. The exact length of the rod depends on the specific fishing conditions. A rod that is too long for fishing from a boat is not needed.

Sea fishing rods

The rod test should be in the range of 200-500 g. Its value is selected based on the intended prey and the bait used to catch it. A fishing rod with an upper test limit for the sea is practically not required. In addition, it is quite difficult to find it in stores.

On the fishing equipment market today there are marine spinning rods with rollers and rings. Roller models have the advantage of reducing wear and tear on braided line often used in offshore fishing.

Nevertheless, modern spinning rings make it possible to achieve no less safety of the fishing line, so the difference between rollers and rings in this sense is reduced to zero. It is noteworthy that salt water is suitable as a lubricant for the rings. It does a good job of reducing friction between the line and the rings.

The cost of marine spinning varies over a very wide range: from 700 rubles (made in China) to 30 thousand rubles (branded production of Scandinavian countries). By design, such spinning rods are single-part, two-part and multi-part.

Sea fishing rods

  • Sea fishing reels

The multiplier reel is considered the most expensive, but at the same time a necessary accessory for marine fishing tackle. The cheapest version of the coil will cost 3,000 rubles, while the cost of a high-quality device can reach 6,000 rubles.

The capacity of such a coil is at least 200 m of braided line with a diameter of 0.4 to 0.8 mm. The line layer is present in almost all multiplier-type offshore reels. In some cases, reels are supplied with line counters. Although this function, for all its usefulness, is not at all mandatory; and its reliability in fishing is quite low.

Sea fishing rods

The quality of the coil is not least dependent on the number of bearings used. With an increase in their number, the reliability of both reels and fishing rods for sea fishing increases; the price of the coil, however, also increases. Also, any coil has a gear ratio. The lower it is, the easier it is to fish out large fish and the more difficult it is to catch small prey.

  • Sea fishing line

Braided fishing line must be 0.4 to 0.8 mm in diameter and have a breaking load of at least 45 kg. Monofilament fishing line is not suitable for sea fishing, because during casting it stretches and has a strong windage.

Sea fishing rods

Braided cords can be of different colors and shades, including multi-colored, when the color changes to another every 10 m of the cord. Braids also vary in quality and, accordingly, cost. There are models on the market from the cheapest Chinese to the most expensive made in the USA or Scandinavian countries. The difference in price reaches twofold. At the same time, for cheap models, the maximum tensile load is lower than for more expensive ones.

  • Spinners for sea fishing

Spinners are distinguished by a significant weight exceeding 300 g and reaching 1 kg. In domestic sea waters, at a certain depth of fishing, spinners of 500 g are most applicable. The length of the spinner depends on the chosen mass, which in this case ranges from 15 to 30 cm. Often these elements are made by skilled fishermen on their own from small metal tubes.

Sea fishing rods

Usually sea baubles are made shiny, but sometimes there are jigs of bright colors. A reliable triple hook is hung on the lure, sometimes with a small piece of bright red cloth or cambric, which are designed to provoke fish to attack the bait. Hanging hooks through the winding rings instead of soldering them hard increases the catch significantly. The spinner is attached to the cord with a carabiner with a swivel.

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Fishing rod for sea fishing from the shore

As mentioned above, fishing conditions in the sea are very different from fishing in freshwater, so a different fishing technique is used. The density of fish in the sea is higher than in rivers and freshwater lakes, the current is stronger, and the water is clearer. In such conditions, the fish behaves more actively even in winter. However, with strong waves, some fish try to go to the bottom, avoiding being thrown ashore or onto rocks. Quiet, windless weather at the end of summer is the most favorable time for sea fishing with a line.

Sea fishing rods

For best results, cast as far and as accurately as possible. All movements should be intense and confident.

It is worth mentioning separately fishing from the shore in the Black Sea, which is distinguished by such features as:

  • the possibility of using hard fishing rods exclusively with artificial baits;
  • lack of bite in hot weather;
  • aggressive behavior of the caught fish when fishing;
  • schooling lifestyle of marine life;
  • a large percentage of large fish from the total catch.

The best season for fishing on the Black Sea are August, September, and in good weather, October. Most of the summer in the heat, the fish stays near the bottom, so fishing at this time of the year is impractical.

Sea fishing rods

The main places for sea fishing with a fishing rod:

  • Coast

Fishing from the shore can be suitable for both beginners and professionals on any tackle. For catching large fish, it is better to use a telescopic rod up to 8 m long. A good catch can be obtained both when fishing far from the coast, and when fishing at the very edge of the water. Any kind of bait can be used. During a storm, there is a possibility of catching large predatory fish, since a large number of mollusks, worms and other delicacies of predators are thrown ashore by a strong surf. You need to throw a fishing rod at a distance of at least 10 m.

  • rocks

Fishing from this position is quite extreme and should only be considered by experienced anglers. From rocks and cliffs, you can also fish with a telescopic rod with a weight of at least 200 g.

  • Pier near the beach

Beginner fishermen use this position to catch medium-sized fish with spinning. The most massive such fishing with a bait becomes at the height of the season.

Sea fishing rods

The Black Sea is home to a huge variety of marine fish, numbering almost 180 species. Fishermen are usually lucky to catch ruff, flounder, mullet, goby, sea bass, red mullet and horse mackerel.

Sea fishing rods

In addition, line fishing often brings sprat, herring, eels and anchovies.

There are various types of lures used in spin fishing, including:

  • Silicone lures

Twisters, wobblers, crustaceans, octopuses and other more original forms of baits can be used. All baits are used in conjunction with jig equipment or bombards. A good catch is given by stepped wiring along the bottom, but this method, with a rocky bottom, is fraught with hooks. The type of bombard is selected based on the depth of fishing: for fishing near the surface, floating bombards are used, in the water column – slowly sinking, near the bottom – quickly sinking.

  • Wobblers

Among wobblers, heavy models equipped with blades are used. They are able to go deep to 3-4 m, attracting such fish as scorpionfish, horse mackerel, goby, croaker and other predators. Floating wobblers and wobblers with a small depth are good for fishing for garfish.

  • Spoons

These baits have proven themselves due to their flight properties. For sea fishing from the shore, jigs are the best, which are suitable for fairly large distances, allowing you to fish quite promising points from the shore.

Sea fishing rods

Fishing rod for sea fishing from a boat

  • Drifting

This is a type of fishing from a ship that is drifting. Drifting strongly resembles classic fishing with a regular float rod, but the bait is cast for several tens of meters. For such distances, a large, clearly visible float equipped with special fasteners is required. When catching large specimens of fish, such a float can be removed so as not to interfere with the fight. After casting, the nozzle should be at the bottom level or in the water column. To attract fish, you can pre-feed it with a mixture of finely chopped sardine or anchovy.

Sea fishing rods

In this way, many marine predators are caught on a fishing rod for sea fishing from a boat or boat, migrating along the coastline or in the open sea in search of food. They like to search for food near underwater elevations covered with algae, rocks, shipwrecks, and other artificial objects at the bottom. It is convenient to drift or go with the flow near such places, throwing tackle along the borders of these underwater objects. Artificial objects are sometimes created purposefully on the migration routes of predators, in which many small fish accumulate, attracting predators. Such a simple thing can be built from several sheets of plywood or from pieces of a mat, connecting them together.

As a result, a surface or canvas of a large area is created, which is evenly fixed above the desired place on the bottom by anchors and floats. Sometimes they do without anchors, and then such an artificial “veil” drifts freely over the surface of the sea. At the same time, the fishing vessel is located near this structure, from where tackle with bait is periodically thrown to its borders. To increase the catch, use several fishing rods or one fishing rod with several leashes. With such a passing drift of the boat and canvas, you can get a stable and decent bite.

Sea fishing rods

  • Trolling

This is the most suitable way to catch the largest marine prey. Trolling fishing requires particularly strong rods with fiberglass rods. The weight of trolling gear does not matter to the angler, as the spinning rod is securely fixed in a special holder. The throwing properties of spinning do not play a role either. The main load for the fisherman is created by large prey caught on a hook.

Due to such features, a trolling rod must be powerful and durable – in this way the best catch of the largest fish is ensured.

Sea fishing rods

It is desirable that the trolling rod has high flexibility. This will allow you to deal with aggressive fish when playing, preventing them from slipping off the hook. Fiberglass rods have such qualities.

For trolling, multiplier reels are used. These heavy-duty reels are perfect for fishing any size saltwater fish and can handle heavy loads. Especially for this type of fishing, a separate class of multipliers has been created, containing a very large volume of 4 mm monofilament, reaching 1 km in length.

Sea fishing rods

Instead of a single-core fishing line, it is quite possible to use a braided line, with which the wiring is better controlled and the fish is hooked more confidently. However, the advantage of a monofilament is that it stretches better, smoothing out the powerful jerks of large prey caught. It must be borne in mind that the further the cast, the more difficult it is to strike.

The load of the line at break is selected according to the test of the rod relative to the line. As lures for trolling, wobblers and octopus are used, which are quite large in size (sometimes more than 25 cm long).

Sea fishing rods

Generally speaking, the topic of sea fishing is interesting and multifaceted, and you need to thoroughly understand it in order to be successful. Much depends on a well-chosen spinning rod, which can provide you with an excellent catch, while the tackle will withstand even very large prey.

How to choose fishing rods for sea fishing

  • Choosing a fishing rod according to the required characteristics

Action is a characteristic of a rod’s flexibility, showing how quickly the rod returns to its previous shape after the load is removed. The faster the rod recovers, the faster the action. If the rod straightens for a significant time period, they say that this rod has a slow action. A rod with a slow action, as a rule, bends along its entire length – such rods are called parabolic.

Sea fishing rods

The concept of “rod action” includes the material of manufacture of the rod, its dimensions, and geometric shape.

Properties such as compressive and tensile strength, specific gravity of the rod material determine its action. A rod is considered to be properly built if, with a loaded tip, it bends in a smooth line, without kinks, starting from its base.

In this case, the degree of general bending should gradually increase from the base to the tip, without sharp breaks and straight segments.

  • Key points for choosing a rod

Directly upon purchase, it will not be possible to determine the desired action, strength and power of the rod. Therefore, among the whole variety of rod models on sale, the choice must be made according to other parameters.

First of all, you need to pay attention to where the selected model is sold. Avoid random and unverified sellers, try to find out the reputation of the dealer, reviews about him. Reputable dealers and manufacturers of fishing equipment, as a rule, have a positive reputation for decades.

Sea fishing rods

You need to read all the inscriptions on the rod – among them the most important parameters are indicated: the class of the rod, its length, test, casting weight. The last parameter means the maximum weight of the bait for this model when using a rod for spinning fishing and for long-distance casting.

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