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Clase Azul Mezcal Durango Review Everything you need

Сlase azul mezcal durango is made in the state of Durango. The natural fertility of this land and the extreme climate of the birthplace of clase azul mezcal have given it a special charisma and complexity. The aroma of the drink is so subtle that you have to put your nose in the bottle to enjoy the slight hint of smoke that penetrates your skin.

The unsurpassed sweet taste in the composition of citrus fruits and agave will, without exaggeration, leave anyone indifferent. Despite the presented mineral and earthy shades in the taste palette, mezcal clase azul durango is not inferior in its softness, although its finish is cold, without any hint of warmth.

Should I choose mezcal clase azul durango?

The first acquaintance with this product leaves behind mixed feelings. It will fall into the soul of those who appreciates strong alcohol. Сlase azul durango is vaguely reminiscent of tequila, the open bottle of which was left near the soot of smoke, the light aftertaste of which is traced in the drink. For fans of mezcal, this product will most likely seem too ordinary, without any hint of uniqueness. No exaggeration, but with your eyes closed you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from Dos Hombres Mezcal or Casamigos Mezcal.

How to drink and what to combine Mezcal with?

It goes without saying that you can drink clase azul mezcal durango however you like. You can sip each sip or drink it all at once, you can drink it strong or diluted. At your discretion, just inhale its aroma, although gourmets advise not to separate the taste and smell of this product. You can have nothing as a snack, but you can combine it with Mexican snacks. We, in turn, suggest that you do not dilute this already mild product with ice, freshly squeezed juice, or any sweet water. The burning Mexican temper of mezcal can be safely combined with no less burning tabasco. To do this, you will need a few pieces of lime, salt, pepper, and finally a few drops of sauce.

Do not forget that Mexicans love and know how to eat delicious food. And mezcal in its pure form goes perfectly with both traditional tacos and a big juicy beef burger. This alcoholic drink is perfect for fish or seafood. It is only considered that it is correct to drink white wine with fish – try mezcal! If you like sweets, you should definitely try adding black or white chocolate, nuts, such a combination, will also not be superfluous, such a quartet will emphasize and complement the taste of the smoky shade of the drink.

How much is a bottle of clase azul mezcal durango?

The manufacturer determined, at first glance, an unjustified price. Although delving into the culture and work process, it becomes clear that creating clase azul mezcal is painstaking work. The flowering of agave cenizo, on average, takes from twelve to fifteen years. After that, firewood and volcanic stone are configured during the cooking process, which, of course, also makes adjustments to the price tag of the finished product. On average, one bottle of clase azul mezcal review will cost a consumer $330.

All about the manufacturing process

The process of producing mezcal is similar to the production of tequila, but it has its distinctive differences. For tequila, the heart of the agave, called pia, is removed before distillation, and for most mezcals, the pia is grilled in an underground pit before fermentation and distillation. As for the clase azul mezcal review, its main product is Maguey Cenizo. It grows wild and abundant in one of the Mexican states of Durango, after fifteen years of ripening it is harvested and crushed by hand. Getting the clase azul durango takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

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