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How to choose a pouch?

The choice of tactical pouches depends on the conditions of their use. However, regardless of this, such products must necessarily differ in a combination of the following properties:

  • reliable fixation and protection of things carried from damage;
  • simplicity and ease of extraction of portable items.

When choosing pouches, one should also take into account their diversity, which allows you to choose an option that meets a variety of requirements. In particular, some products are equipped with a flap with a fast-tex fastener, which ensures silent removal of equipment. Most often, such devices can be found in pouches for grenades, tools and a lantern.

In general, it is worth paying close attention to the accessories that these products are equipped with. For example, magazine pouches should have cross elastic bands that increase the tightness of fixing ammunition, but at the same time do not impair the ability to quickly remove them. Often this means the presence of a special valve that prevents the pouch from closing.

Types of pouches

Tactical pouches used for carrying first-aid kits, in addition to specific dimensions, have other significant differences. First of all, it is the presence of mechanisms that provide a quick opportunity to use first aid not only for yourself, but also for those who will be nearby in case of injury or injury. As a rule, such devices allow you to quickly disconnect the first-aid kit from the belt, where it is usually attached.

Tactical pouches for radio stations differ in dimensions adapted to the dimensions of this type of equipment. In addition, they provide the ability to use it without removing it from the bag, while protecting it from mechanical damage.

To carry the flashlight, pouches are used, which are a cover that protects the light device from the aggressive effects of the external environment. In turn, the bag for the navigator also provides quick access to the equipment and ease of reading information from its screen. There are also administrative pouches, which are designed to accommodate various documents in them.

Quite often, tactical pouches are classified by location – on the thigh, belt, belt, bulletproof vest and unloading vest. Hip-mounted items are usually used to carry additional ammunition. This noticeably speeds up and adds comfort to the process of extracting magazines.

Exceptions are pouches for magazines of long-barreled weapons. Due to their size, they are often located on a belt or body armor. In the latter case, and when using the MOLLE system, they can provide additional protection for vulnerabilities.

In most cases, pouches are designed to carry auxiliary equipment – flashlights, radios, multifunctional tools, radios, first aid kits and military toiletries bag.

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