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[ASMR] 4 HALAL Beef Korean Bbq Recipe at Home (in LOCKDOWN) | Kdramas Bbq Recipe | Kdramas Food #5

Halal Beef Korean Bbq at Home (Halal Samgyeopsal) & EASIEST Korean Rice Balls Recipe

Korean bbq is usually not Halal. Not everyone can take pork.
Therefore, I decided to create a video of the halal version so Kbbq can be enjoyed by all.

You can learn how to make 4 different flavours of Kbbq Meat, Ssamjang and also Korean Rice Balls.

* Kdrama Private Lives Inspired Bbq Recipe

Hello, Camellia here. Hope you enjoyed today’s video.

I am currently a uni student living abroad and I enjoy making *asmr cooking vlogs* featuring (South East) Asian food. I also create individual *Kdramas Food Recipes* videos.

As a student, I don’t always have the time to follow recipes step by step.
In order to save time, I constantly simplify the recipes creatively. This means looking for substitutes, shortcuts and minimising the amount of dishes to wash.

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Thank you so much for watching!

Original of the video here

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