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Just having to smell the meat sizzling on the coals is enough to make anyone hungry.
You can cook any kind of meat on a barbecue, from chicken, beef, mutton, to even fish. Meat flavors can be improved in many different ways. You can choose from many different spices in which to marinated the meat overnight to add the desired taste. I bet when you put a properly marinated meat on a barbecue, your mouth is already watering.

On the side: Barbecued sweet potatoes and potato salad or any Salad and biryani goes well with tikkas. Mint chutney is a must. For vegetarians, either pizza or vegetable biryani is a good option. For kids, it could be nachos with dips, French fries and garlic bread.

Let’s see the required ingredients to make perfect barbecue


Beef boneless…….. 5kg
Lemon Juice………. 8 to 10 lemons
Vinegar………………. 5Tbs
Ginger garlic paste 3tbs
Salt…………………… 5tsp
Red chilli powder.. 2tsp
Tikka Boti masala  3tbs
Seekh kabab masala 3tbs
Garam masala powder 5tsp
Black pepper powder 2tsp
Meat Tenderiser….. 2tsp

Note :

I forget meat tenderiser to add in video. You can add raw papaya paste, or papaya powder to make beef soft and juicy. I used meat tenderiser.

1. Do an overnight marination (or a minimum of six to seven hours) for meat.

2. After you light the coals, let it burn for some time so that the heat gets evenly distributed and the food doesn’t get charred.

3. Get the meat out of the fridge at least an hour or two before putting it on the coals. You don’t want it to be cold on the inside.

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