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Bbq beef ribs plate ribs

My take on a Texas classic barbecue beef plate ribs also known as the Dino rib or Texas rib. I couldn’t think of any better way to kick off the 2020 outdoor cooking season. I made these plate ribs following the recipe used at Franklin Barbecue in Austin Texas. For more content follow me on Instagram meat_aficionado

Aaron Franklins Beef Ribs

1 • Heat the smoker to 285°F and check that the water pan is full.
2 • Trim the ribs if needed.
3 • Slather the ribs with a very light coating of hot sauce.
4 • Apply the rub (equal parts salt and black pepper).
5 • Cook the ribs, meat side up, at 285°F, for about 8 to 9 hours. 6 • Spritz during the final 2 to 3 hours. 7 • Check for doneness by poking the ribs; when they feel like melted butter (about 203°F between the bones), serve.

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Video Transcription

put a little bit of hot sauce you canuse mustard some people even just usewater but the earthy tones of the hotsauce actually playoffs really good onthe beef bread it’s not really thatspicy when you consider the fact it’sgonna be the smoker for as long as it islike a nice thin base coat on this doall sidesand now it’s time for the rub which is avery very easy rub it’s basically 50%horse salt and 50% horse black pepperthat’s all I usethere it is now what I’m going to do isI’m going to let sweat for about an hourjust to let everything adhere with gonnamake it to room temperature it’ll giveme a time to get the smoker also up totemperature then we’ll put it on thesmoker and we’ll go from there[Music]eight or nine hours[Music]to 85ready for a 30-minute foil wrap[Music]

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