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BBQ Beef Ribs – Rinder Ribs Smoken – Saftig & Zart – Einfaches Rezept

BBQ Beef Ribs – Rinder Ribs Smoken – In diesem Video zeige ich euch wie ich meine Rinder Rippchen von der Querrippe smoke, ich nutze hierfür meinen treuen Watersmoker, durch den entstehenden Dampf werden die Beef Ribs super zart.

Alle verwendeten Artikel in diesem Video sind von mir gekauft und ich werde nicht gesponsert.

– Weiter unten findet Ihr meinen “All For Everything Dingsbums Rub” Rezept.
– Grill Thermometer:
– Alternativer Thermometer:
– Worcester Sauce:

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All For Everything Dingsbums Rub” Rezept:
– 170g Brauner Zucker
– 170g Weisser Zucker
– 60g Süßer Paprika
– 30g Knoblauch Pulver
– 2 Esslöffel Schwarzer Peffer
– 2 Esslöffel Ingwer Pulver
– 2 Esslöffel Zwiebel Pulver
– 2 Esslöffel Rosmarin Pulver
– 1 Esslöffel Kreuzkümmel (Cumin)

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Video Transcription

Hello my friends and welcome back today we make bbq beef ribs and what you have heresee that are wonderful beef ribs from the
young bull that I have boughtare well grown so
they stay juicyand of course we have to
pat them dry on all sides and notforget with beef ribs we do
not remove the membrane, otherwise we will fallnot all the bones apart
first the mandatory glovesnow we’re gonna get all the way around
with the excess fat because everything’s toomuch is too much salt nice salt
on it i use sea salt andall of this, of course, from all sides
at the bottom left and right, and what is allowedof course not to be missed to
delicious bbq beef ribs of course that is thefreshly ground pepper we exclude freshly ground black pepperin the granite mortar and here comes our
leader that garlic powdernow
sprinkle it firmly on all sidesthis is already followed by the onion powder, we do the onion powder beautifully everywherescatter and press again we definitely don’t do thatrub it there by rubbing it
we take it away from one place and do iton the other side
carry it on the backsprinkle a little
pepper on the boardand then
dip all the edges of the beautiful ribs around hereshould definitely be spiced enough
because there is meat
on it and thatthen we want to eat a little more
firmlythe ribs are super and my
water bowl is how I lay out with foiland i get my charcoal out of my shed i use restaurant charcoal for thisthat is nice big grain and
that gives me the longest burn i don’t likebriquettes to be honest and
this is perfect for memany claim that it would be very difficult
to smoke with lump coal but I think sofor a rumor that the temperature was actually very, very long for meremains stable depending on how I want to smoke around120 to 135 degrees constant and never had
any problems with thetemperature so if we now put a
couple of charcoal pieceshave lit and you have a white
surface we do it in ourcoal basket I like pear tree wood very much,
I take a whole onepiece that lasts me for about four
hourswe assemble the smoker water bowl comes in againI fill the whole thing with warm water to hot waterto shorten the pre heat timeput the temperature meter in and the lid onvents open of course we are now
at 52 degreesand don’t forget to
turn on the bottom ventsthis don’t hold
no matter the others do it nowwe are at a full 110
degrees and should closenow the bottom three fansso we don’t go beyond the temperature
we are aiming forbecause once we are at temperature
it is very difficult to get them down againto regulate two vents close and one minimal open now 112degrees and on the lid nice smoke
the ribs in bones side downPull the thermometer a bit to the side and put the lid on itvery light smoke you would
never have thought of such a huge piecewood but that also lasts for the
next four hours so two hours are overand now we come for the
first time mopping with worcester sauce oror worceshire sauce or whatever you call that, I will probably never learn itsimply nice the good stuff over it
now with a silicone brush like inmy case do not distribute a bit
too much as we would otherwise all the spicestake it down again and we do
n’t want to just distribute it a bitat this point you should check your water level and
top up if necessarynow you can see
wonderful pullback from four hours agowe are already getting a brown crust
and it is time for the second time with thisworcestershire dingsbums sauce to mop the whole thing up
a bit with the silicone brush likealso had cover on it before and another
five and a half hours latertime flies like now
my “All For Everything Dingsbums Rub” is comingI like to mix it myself a little bit sweettaste a bit bitter aromas there again with that we sprinklejust nice on it of course
I’ll write you the recipe for this rub inthe description with purely important
that you do not do that from the startalready because the sugar tends to caramelize or just darkensand it doesn’t look good if
you have a piece of briquette fromthe bottom line is actually the same
with just a much nicer colorfurthermore you have probably
noticed and hey ask yourself whyhe doesn’t actually
wrap the beef ribs in foil now they werebecause it’s
not easy to put beef ribs in theredon’t just need nice slow & low at 135 degrees constantly over the six toleave seven hours in the smoker and always from the sixth to the seventh hourevery 15 minutes with a knife, the barbecue sauce is yesmeanwhile already on the ribs and
now i just put them in with my brush
Paint the nails a bit nicely and then theCover it for another half an hour
to bake the glaze30 minutes are over the ribs are off the smoker and it’s time for thecut it took
me a total of six hours to finishhave a
look at the juicethe color is
amazing beautiful smokering not too dark the whole andvery very appetizing
so it has to be people I havespoken and these are beef ribs as
I imaginefolks i tell you try this recipe do it the way i do itI guarantee
results that are awesome smokeringhe is simply
amazing look at the smokeringand the smell of the scent just everything it is tender butter soft now comes the best trythey are so good peoplebutter soft
the hammer the taste the sweetgive it a try and tell me how you
liked it write it down in thecomments if you
tried this recipe and it tastes goodtell me also tell me what we
might think of the recipechanged if you
liked this video give me a like and if
if you want more of these videos then subscribe to my channelI thank you

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  1. dang those are massive! good end result juicy and nice smoke ring! im in- just subscribed look forward to more cooks- cheers

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